Welcome the Newest Member of The Patterson Group!

I am beyond thrilled to announce that we are welcoming another member onto our team! The amazing Melissa Lepore will be joining us to oversee the contract process and we could not be more excited to have her on board. We’ll be restructuring our team a bit so that Maria and Susie can focus more in their areas of expertise, and we are sure Melissa will be an invaluable addition as we do that.

Melissa grew up across the street from my grandmother. Her mother and my grandmother were best friends and had coffee together every morning and cocktails together almost every night. I have memories of meeting Melissa when I visited my grandmother many years ago, and she has memories of being around when my dad brought Phyllis home to meet his mom for the first time! She told us this as an afterthought, but I will absolutely be getting the full scoop soon—don’t worry.

The amount of real estate experience Melissa has is astounding and will make for a very smooth transition! She has her license and knows the ins and outs of the contract-to-close process, having worked on a real estate team in the area for the past nine years. Before that, she worked in the hospitality and sales industry, including five years spent as the Sales Manager for VIP guests at The Watergate Hotel in D.C., so she has the whole customer-service, client-comes-first mentality that is so important to us down pat.

In addition, Melissa is an Alexandria native and a Bishop Ireton High School alumna. A lifetime spent in the Wilton Woods area and years of dedicated volunteering in the community have made her a complete expert on all things Alexandria, and we know she’ll bring that knowledge with her when she starts work with us on Monday!

WELCOME, MELISSA! We are so happy to have you!


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