what’s up with whitewashing?

Reader: I have an old brick fireplace in my living room, and while I love that it works it’s a bit of an eyesore. What is whitewashing exactly? Is it as easy as everyone says it is? Do you think it will help

Coco Blanca: Coco Blanca, as you can imagine, is a huge fan of whitewashing. My husband is always accusing me that if he stood still long enough I would whitewash him! Whitewashing is simply to put a coat of white on any material but let the texture and some of the color show through. Since brick is so porous, whitewashing works perfectly. And yes, it will help the look of your fireplace and it is easy! There is no right way or wrong way to whitewash a brick wall. You can water down your paint to give it a more even look. Just take a dry brush and dip the top of the brush into the paint and wipe off a good portion of the excess. You do not want too much paint. Keep in mind less is more. You want the brick to show through. Don’t paint the grout, only the brick.

This is a beautiful example of a fireplace that is much prettier after the whitewash!

before whitewash

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