1 Tank Top, 3 Ways

Every so often, I am forced to reconfigure my limited closet space. Either I’ve purchased more clothing or the proportion of jackets to pants has changed, for example. Whatever has happened, my system no longer works for me and must be adapted to my newest wardrobe reality. So I spend an afternoon weeding out what I no longer wear, what needs to be dry cleaned or fixed, and then take stock of what’s left. I noticed this time just how much hanging space my t-shirts and tanks were consuming and decided they should be folded instead. This freed up a ton of space on the right side of my closet but required additional shelf real estate which I didn’t have. I consolidated my loungewear and athletic wear, added more to the donation pile, and finally gave my t-shirts and tanks a home on the left of a mid-level shelf.

From this story, we learn two things:

1. I am a master of all things organization and take perverse pleasure in finding new ways to organize.

2. I have a ton of t-shirts and tanks.

Way more than I realized. And while some might think it’s a tad overkill, I actually wear these t-shirts and tanks! In fact, I wear them way more than I realized! Since having moved them to the shelf in my armoire, I require significantly less closet access. I reach for my t-shirts and tanks nearly every day, whether I use them as layering pieces or stand-alones. And while I certainly don’t need as many t-shirts and tanks as I own, as long as they get wear I’m not going to apologize or feel guilty!

If, like me, you find yourself amassing cotton basics at a rapid pace but, unlike me, they remain unworn and unloved, this post is for you. I asked my friend Megan, owner of 529 Kids Consign, to model one tank three ways for me. The tank is white with subtle blue and red stripes by favored loungewear line, Sundry.


We kept it cool and casual in this first look with shorts and a chambray shirt layered over the tank. Don’t forget to roll the sleeves!


We’ve mentioned this before but cargos are making a comeback, and we can’t say we’re sad about it! Plus, this Sundry cardigan has the perfect amount of slouch, making this look comfortable and stylish from head to toe.


Sometimes a tank can just be a tank. Paired with distressed denim and studded sandals, this might be my favorite of the three!​

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