10 reasons we love red

by Sarah, Kiskadee

1. It’s not just about the holidays anymore. The color has gone from seasonal to appropriate year-round.


2. When worn, you are telling the world, “I am strong, self-assured and just the right amount of sexy.

3. It’s one of the few cold hues that won’t make you look like you’re trying too hard.

4. Paired with gold, red becomes instantly warmer and vaguely coastal–especially if rocked with a tan and a lot of bangles!

unnamed (7)

5. Pair it with navy and your look will go from show-stopper to a touch of preppy.

unnamed (10)

6. Red and white. It doesn’t get more classic Americana.

7. Consider pairing a bold, bright red with lemon. I mean, how great would a citrus-colored blouse look worn with a red pant?!

8. Various shades of red look great together too. We are particularly fond of a bright, bold red next to a deep oxblood.

unnamed (8)

9. It is a recognized mood-booster. We think it has something to do with making any outfit feel just a tad more polished.

unnamed (9)

10. Kiskadee is now having its red-lined winter clearance sale. All red-lined items are 30% off!

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