The 12 Days of Christmas…as a Workout!

‘Tis the season of busy schedules and between work, family, and festivities, getting to our favorite workout classes might be quite the challenge. So when your day is packed with more than enough craziness and you can’t make it to the gym, does that mean you should skip your workout completely? Of course not!

A 20-30 minute workout at home is totally worth it! Shorter, but more intense workouts can be just as effective as longer workouts, and a nice complement to the classes that you are taking at your favorite studio.

Here’s a fun and festive body weight workout that you can do at home, and don’t worry – we’ve already put this through the test! Coach Alex and a bunch of our Ascend community members did this workout last Friday, and we’ve got proof that it’s not only a challenging workout but it’s also fun. So put on that holiday playlist and get to work!


12 Days of Christmas Workout

Complete all the listed exercises below as quickly as you can with good form.
Take breaks as needed.

Option 1
Perform the exercises from the top to the bottom. The numbers are the reps for each exercise.
This should take you roughly 15-20 mins.
Option 2
Perform the exercises from the top to the bottom, then back to the top!
This should take you between 30-35 mins.




1 set of 10 plank shoulder taps

2 rounds of 3-way plank hops

3 Tuck jumps

4 Blast-off Push-ups

5 Candle stick roll to straight jump

6 V-up’s

7 Burpees

8 Single leg lunge with hop (each side)

9  Ski jumps (each side)

10 Frog jumps

11 Mountain climbers (each side)

12 Star jumps


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