the shoe hive’s winter sale starts today!

Winter is far from over. Unfortunately, we have several more months of winter weather ahead of us. But luckily (for you!), here at The Shoe Hive we have to start making room on our shelves for the Resort and Spring styles that have already started to trickle in. So, as we do every year starting on New Year’s Eve, our Fall and Winter clothing, shoes, and accessories will be marked down 30%. Score major deals on seasonally relevant styles; in other words, what you buy now you can also wear now. 


For the first time, we are going to be marking down some of our kids’ shoes, including Melissa and specialty Supergas, to make room for a new brand we will begin carrying in the spring. Additionally, we are going to slash prices on winter weather accessories such as women’s hats, gloves and socks.

Want even better news? The discounts will increase steadily from the start of the sale on through to the Alexandria Boutique Warehouse Sale on February 6 (more information on that coming soon)! We encourage you to shop the sale early, however, so you get the first pick. The selection dwindles quickly, especially if you wear a common shoe size! 

Here are just a handful of the styles in which we still have near-complete size runs:

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