Under $20: Shopping By and for Tweens

Tweens are simply stuck in the middle. They are not quite children nor teens, and definitely not adults! But my do they looooove to shop! However, they do not have a lot of discretionary income so they scrimp and save their allowance to improve their purchase power. They shyly come into Kiskadee with their sweet smiles and have $20 to spend on their mom or a birthday gift for their best friend. We can help!


To Infinity and Beyond!

Tweens have a definite sense of style.  They aren’t afraid to explore new trends — in fact, they are embraced!  Bold colors are a favorite and these infinity scarves deliver. Perfect for a budding fashionista!


Bracelet Love

The expressions on these bracelets are priceless!  They are inspirational, funny, and even a little edgy.  These ID bracelets are the perfect size for small yet growing wrists and come in both gold and silver.


Write It!

When tweens are told to write in school, they grumble and procrastinate…much like us adults!  Yet those bundles of emotions have a lot to say. Journals are a safe spot for tweens to let loose to write poetry, songs, or simply about day-to-day life.


I remember being 12 going on 20 and wanting that elusive independence. I’m happy Kiskadee can empower tweens as the spot to go for all of their friends!



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