Building a Great Design Book Library

There are so many reasons to love a great design book! They are excellent sources for inspiration and can be valuable in helping you identify your style. And, like any book, they make […]

The Secret to Success? Knowing When To Outsource

My summer jobs during high school and college were poolside as a lifeguard.  The attire was pretty basic — a one piece swimsuit, the almighty sweatshirt emblazoned with “LIFEGUARD”, and a lanyard with […]

It’s Almost Here! How Will You Well Ray?

The countdown to Well Ray 2016 in on!  We call Del Ray Well Ray because our Alexandria neighborhood is known for its abundance of wellness- and fitness-related businesses, from exercise studios to life […]

5 Rules To Get Pedi Ready

It’s pedicure season! If you are anything like me, it’s DIY pedicure season all year round, anyway, but now that sandals are more prevalent than any other type of shoe, it’s time to make […]

The White Shirt: Amping up a Classic

When I think of timeless elegance, it always evokes an image of Audrey Hepburn dressed in a classic white shirt. Seemingly forever, the women’s white shirt has remained a timeless staple, adored by many […]

What Is Pre-Fall? The Story of a Confused Buyer.

It took me at least a year as a newbie buyer at The Shoe Hive to understand the fashion buying cycle — what comes in when and how far ahead to order seasonal […]

Our Summer Uniforms

People always want to know how to look put together even on the hottest of days, so I thought I’d turn to the experts! Our wonderful staff always looks great, and here they […]

Pulling a Habit out of Your Hat: Are Your Bad Habits Sabotaging Your Happiness?

Cynthia had a habit of cleaning her plate. Even when she was full.  She was not aware of this habit until a good friend joked about her “clean plate club.” Tom hit the […]

Hey Britt! How’s the Market?

 615 Oakley Place Thanks for asking! I am happy to report that the 2016 spring market has been very strong throughout all of Alexandria. Overall, the market is up 6.9 percent from May […]

Finding Style Inspiration

Each year with the new season we want to update our wardrobe and we need some inspiration to do that. And with the celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday last week, the media has been all abuzz […]

My 5-Minute Face (Video Proof It Can Be Done!)

Stylebook’s Creative Director, Sarah, and I were talking recently about makeup tutorials that list a month’s salary’s worth of product in a tutorial for a “five minute face.” Most people look at what […]

Linen…Own Your Wrinkles!

Embrace the wrinkles! Love it or hate it, the summer fashion forecast calls for linen. It is a casually elegant style that can….well…leave you a little rumpled. However, the fashion industry has set […]

The Stylebook Top Five

Every week we bring you the top five things we are loving. This week, the Stylebook Top Five include a statement peice for your home, a go-to black dress & a sexy off-the-shoulder […]

Discovering What Tomorrow May Bring

You know how Disney World has Tomorrowland? Well, Coterie (our fashion market) has a similar area for the up-and-coming designers…the newbies. It’s aptly called TMRW where fashion’s fresh talent showcases within the larger […]

Street Style: Stephanie Stack

I first met Stephanie thirteen years ago when she walked into Bellacara.  She was pregnant with her first son.  I remember thinking that she looked too good to be pregnant.  I was not […]


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