A Primer on Primers

We’ve talked before about how I never used to wear primer. But as I’ve gotten into my mid-20s, my skin has gotten — if possible — even oilier than it was in my […]

Coco Goes Shopping

As I joined my two partners, Gayla and Susie, on another buying trip for Coco Blanca, I thought this could be a fun journey to share with our fabulous Stylebook readers. So hop […]

Gray Is the New Black

A couple of months ago, I was working through our early fall orders and realized our entire Sundry delivery was gray. In other words, every single piece we had ordered we opted to […]

Go Out To Eat!

  We are right in the middle of Alexandria Summer Restaurant Week, which mean you still have time to find a new favorite restaurant or catch a great deal at one of your […]

Take off Your Shoes! The Top 10 Reasons To Train Barefoot

This isn’t just about feet, trust me! Don’t click on! This is a serious read for anyone who has physical issues, ranging from too arched, too flat, or cramping feet to a shoulder […]

A Very Alexandria Wedding: All about the Flowers

In my first post about my wedding, published a whole three months ago, I mentioned how difficult and time-consuming wedding planning is. That has not changed in the slightest; in fact, the planning […]

Sweater Essentials

The sweater is an essential part of our wardrobe, and when chosen correctly, it can become a favorite go-to piece we will wear almost every day. Whether you’re a true fashionista, or one […]

Makeup for Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are naturally dramatic. There’s something innately sexy about that shape, but many people who carry it get frustrated when making them up. Do you wear makeup to adjust the shape? Do […]

The Stylebook Top Five

Every week we bring you the top five things we are loving. This week, the Stylebook Top Five includes a stackable bracelet, a slimming top and lengthening mascara! But we want you to […]

3 Ways to Spoil Yourself Rotten

We all need to spoil ourselves!  Life, as beautiful as it is, can get in the way and there are times we need to step back, relax, reassess, and re-emerge as the impressive […]

Teach a (Wo)man To Fish: How To Use TSALT’s Seasoned Staff To Build a Wardrobe that Works

Multitasking is high on our list at TSALT. Bringing Alexandria a unique experience where you can shop the sales floor as a boutique or utilize our design services keeps our staff on its […]

Street Style: Dianne Veatch

When I am asked to write the introduction to someone’s street style feature, I try to take a moment and read through their Q&A first. I typically know most of the information provided, […]

Meet Cute: A Bag Love Story

  I love complimenting people. Whenever a friend or customer comes in my store, I try to notice what about her is special. Did she wear her hair differently? Or perhaps she has […]

Good or Bad? Gluten, Avocados, Granola + More, part 2

Yesterday we examined why the mind-body connection is so important in determining which foods are “good” or “bad,” prompted by this New York Times article. Today, we’ll take a look at some foods […]

Summer Stars: Peasant Blouse and Lace-up Sandals for an Evening on The Avenue

Don’t let the threat of September end your enjoyment of long summer days and nights.  Stretch the season out as loooong as you can!  Revel in the coconut-y smell of sunscreen, prepare for […]


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