Trendspotter: The Unfinished Hem

Resort has brought to The Hive a host of new-to-us designers we simply weren’t able to offer before now, making it an exciting time at our store. Newly available brands range from Ulla […]

When a Realtor Builds Her Dream Home, Part 1

  Sometime in 2016, I lost my mind. In March, while we were in the middle of planning our wedding, a builder I love and have worked with for 15+ years secured a fabulous lot in […]

How To Enjoy Football? This Food

So the AFC and NFC Conference winners have been crowned and we know which two teams will be playing for the Super Bowl title. I was so hoping that the Steelers would be […]

Mix, Match, Wear, Repeat

Certain classic items make wardrobe magic.  You can mix and match, look put together every time, and still appear as if you are wearing a new, fashionable outfit.  Take a look at what […]

Goal Setting Made Simple

  Writing down goals is not something at which I’m good.  In fact, the concept of goals is a bit bewildering for me.  That might sound strange coming from someone who has kept […]

3 Reasons To Include Yoga in Your 2017 Fitness Plan

Here we are, already almost through the first month of 2017! Maybe you set a specific resolution for this year or maybe you have a general goal of improving your overall health. I’m personally not big on setting resolutions, but I do […]

The Stylebook Pick 6

For years, every Monday morning we’d bring you the five things we were coveting. But have more swoon-worthy things to share, so starting a few weeks ago we supersized the Stylebook Top Five and […]

How-To: The Winter Mani

Right around this time of year, my hands get so cracked and sad that I can pretty much hear them crying for moisture and attention. My cuticles, in particular, are a constant source […]

Winter Must-Haves

There are certain “must haves” during the dead of winter, the things that are tried and true, the items you know will perk you up on even the dreariest winter day.  Here is […]

Snow More Foyer Woes

We know it’s coming but we don’t know what we will get.  It’s winter and that usually means snow.  Whether it’s a few inches or a few feet like last year, it’s good […]

Fit at 50, Part 3: Food, Sleep + a Positive Attitude = Fuel for Life

As a teenager, I suffered with an eating disorder while enduring my parents’ torrential divorce. So many things were about control in my life, and I turned to food as the one place […]

On Elyse Walker and the Chunky Heel

You know how you know you’re in the right job doing what you were meant to be doing? You want to (and do) work long hours and then go and spend all of […]

Listing Showcase: 7919 E Boulevard Drive

If you live in Alexandria, chances are you’re pretty familiar with the George Washington Parkway. Except for those pesky speed limits in some areas, the GW Parkway is a great way to get […]

Stuck? Try these 3 Simple Solutions To Embrace the New Year

What does 2017 have in store? After all the antics of 2016, I am sure we could all use a bit of a break. Although we may wish for it, it is unlikely […]

Dr. Dennis Gross Pro Peel Event (This Will Book Fast)

In November, we hosted a Dr. Dennis Gross peel event. We expected about a 75 percent attendance rate for this new style of event, and thought it would be a pleasant day of […]


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