My Reality TV Debut

I married a man who hates cake. Not only does he hate cake, but he hates chocolate, too. So how in the world did we end up on a TV show called “Cake Hunters”?! Well, […]

Jack Rudy Nipping at Your Nose

So it’s cold outside.  The joy of the holidays is over and all we are left with are cold noses and toes.  I don’t know about you, but now that we are in […]

The 10 Best New Furniture Items (Bonus? Take 40% off in January!)

I find the start of a new year so exciting and this year is no different.  While 2016 brought many wonderful events and accomplishments for Coco Blanca, I always like to look forward. […]

Half Time: The New 50

People always say the only two sure things in life are death and taxes. I think that phrase needs an update. The other certainty is aging. There is no way to avoid waking […]

Classic Pearls, Updated Edge

I am always enthralled with fashion trends but I was completely baffled when I recently read that a new trend in accessories is pearls! Did they ever go out of style? Pearls are […]

Discontinued?! The Beauty of Out with the Old, in with the New

Part of the fun of springtime is preparing to bring on different skincare and cosmetics lines. While this is always a good time, it sometimes means letting other lines we’ve loved take a […]
Alexandria Stylebook: The You & Improved Giveaway Entry Form

Get Ready!

Did we say a couple thousand? Well we meant four. Yes, four – WE ARE GIVING AWAY $4,000 IN PRIZES! Want to update your wardrobe? Upgrade your beauty game? Refresh your home? Enjoy […]

From “What’s that?” to “What Not To Wear” to a $761M Market: The Evolution of the Personal Stylist

With the New Year upon us, I have been reflecting on my career as a personal stylist. It is no accident that as my business and clientele have grown, so has this relatively new industry. Believe it […]

Want To Be Healthier (and Lose Weight) in 2017? Try these Three, Easy Food Swaps

At the beginning of a New Year, dieting to lose weight is intimidating yet it is still a goal many, many people set. Instead, imagine eating foods you actually enjoy, foods that are […]

Alexandria Stylebook Six Picks

For years, every Monday morning we’d bring you the five things we were coveting. But have more swoon-worthy things to share, so starting last week we supersized the Stylebook Top Five and now […]

Golden Globes: The Best, Worst, and What We’d Wear in Real Life

Two are among the region’s most renowned stylists, and one is a self-professed awards show junkie known to throw an amazing Oscar party, and they all love (and maybe obsess over) the red […]

When Will You Die? Part 3: How To Tell if You Are 7x More Likely to Die within 6 Years

It’s quick test and it’s free, but its results are invaluable. In fact, try this out. Literally, right now. Stop reading and follow these directions: Stand up. Cross your feet. Sit down on the floor. Get […]

Ingredients 101: What’s in Your Skincare, and Why

There are a lot of ingredients to be aware of in skincare. Some are great for oily skin types but not awesome for dry, and vice versa. Some will exacerbate acne on acne-prone […]

Street Style: Penelope Norton

Penelope, The Shoe Hive’s Assistant Manager, has worked for us since August, right around the time we were opening The Hive. Elizabeth told me she had hired this “cute girl from church” who […]
Red Barn Mercantile - Alexandria, VA

Creating a Space for Belonging: All about Red Barn Mercantile

As I mentioned yesterday, we are thrilled (giddy, really) to welcome Red Barn Mercantile to Stylebook. We have long admired the home-y but still super-style-y vibe of the King Street boutique (like, we’d […]

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