Perfect Wine Pairings for Thanksgiving…Now Available To Go at Stomp!

If you’re like me, you have acutely noticed how dark it gets now at 5pm and how fickle the temperature is. This brings the associated feelings of excitement for skiers, dread for beach […]

Retired? Do these 4 Exercises To Better Enjoy “The Best Years of Your Life”

Retirees make up more than 11 percent of the total population in the Alexandria. Being part of the Baby Boomer generation, you are part of the engine that powered the nation’s growth. You’ve […]

The Magic of Gifts

Gifts somehow become a labor during the holidays. Yes, some of us can say we love the process of looking for just the right gift for those who mean the most to us […]

In the Chair: Answers to Our Most Asked Healthy Haircare Questions

What’s the proper time to get your ends trimmed? How often should roots be touched up? How often should you shampoo? We’ll cover these most commonly asked haircare questions and more in this […]

New Jewelry and a Can’t-Miss Trunk Show

As we round out our November Trunk Show series, we end with one of our favorite things: jewelry. Nothing dresses up a simple outfit like a statement earring or necklace and jewelry always […]

Giving Thanks on Your Mat: Flow Together Before You Eat Together

Before greeting each other at the diner table, give thanks at Mind the Mat on your mat. Bring your out-of-town guests for these two invigorating yoga workshops, each designed to strengthen and stretch the entire […]

Anatomie: How To Travel in Style

With winter and the holidays quickly approaching, many of us are planning to travel during winter break or fly the coop all together for warmer climes. The thought of packing can either bring […]

Concealer: Surprise! You’re Doing It Wrong

How many times have you lamented that your concealer wasn’t doing its job? If you’re anything like me, I’d venture to say more times than you can count. But maybe you’re being too […]

Here’s What Happens when a Scared Skeptic Tries Mindfulness, part 2

Yesterday I wrote about my very real — OK, borderline ridiculous — resistance to the concept and practice of Mindfulness (click here for part 1), and I ended that post proclaiming that I […]

How To Host Thanksgiving: Twists on the Traditional

I absolutely love Thanksgiving. It’s one of those holidays where everything is quiet – except for the touchdown cheers and the dinner oohs and aahs – and the streets are empty because folks […]

How To Host Thanksgiving: Centerpieces & Servingware

In today’s world we don’t take the time have a sit-down dinner party very often, so we forget how nice it is to dine with special friends and have meaningful conversations. Thanksgiving is […]

Here’s What Happens when a Scared Skeptic Tries Mindfulness, part 1

I am not a “woo-woo” person. In fact, other than a bout with wearing crystals in the early 90s, which, honestly, along with Birks and twirl-y skirts was more about donning the requisite […]

Our Top Picks for the Week of November 13, 2017

Some genius items this week you won’t know how you lived without: an umbrella that closes outward, a belt with a built-in curve (no more gaps!), and a candle that can conquer any unpleasant […]

Wellness Wednesday

It’s beginning to feel like that time of year again! The air is (finally!) getting crisp and is laced with the smells of backyard fire pits. When I think of backyard fire pits, […]

Giving Back: Charity Day at The Shoe Hive

I have fallen into the honey pot when it comes to life. I have said this before, but I feel like I need to make sure I never stop saying it. In childhood […]


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