Turn Spring Cleaning into Cash!

Spring came early this year, but it’s not too late to make the most of your spring cleaning.  Here at 529 Kids Consign, we’ve got tips to get your kiddo’s closets ready for the new season, and pointers for turning your closet leftovers into cash.

kids on hillside on summer clothes

When cleaning out your kids’ closets, I suggest you go into it with an open-mind, and try not to get too sentimental! I have a few steps that I use to help me sort through the massive amount of clothing from my three boys.

First, pull out the out-grown items first. Next up, reach for the items that might still fit, but you are kind of sick of seeing on your little ones.  I am guilty of this…but I don’t feel as bad if I can make some money on them.  If you are a saver, go through those bins too. You want to consign items while they are still relevant. I’ll go over that in more detail later!

folded stacks of kids clothes

Next take the cleared items and divide them into three groups:

1) Consignment Candidates: These are your best items that are brand names in excellent condition.

2) Donation Items: These are items that are not brand names, might have some wear, and wouldn’t work for reselling, but are great to pass on to another child in need.

3) Toss Ready: These are the items that are beyond repair with holes or stains, etc.

piles of buttons

Take a closer look at your consignment candidates.  Study them well to make sure they really belong there and be prepared to do some work if they aren’t. This will save you lots of time at your consignment appointment.  Be sure to look for:

1) Brands: Most shops have an acceptable brand list on their website. Check it out! Mini Boden makes more money re-sale than entry brands like Old Navy. At 529 we only have 1200 sq. ft. of floor space so for us it makes sense to only accept the money makers. It’s what is best for both parties!

2) Stains: Look from front to back for stains from food, pens, dirt etc. I find Oxy spray works well on most stains.

3) Wear and tear: Some cottons just don’t hold up like others. Look for “pilling,” those annoying little balls that can ruin the look of a tee or sweater. Also check for missing buttons and broken zippers.


For your best consignment candidates, think seasonally. Most consignment stores accept clothing by the season. So right now focus on spring and summer clothing. If you come across fall and winter items in the closet that are good consigning candidates, set them aside and plan to pull them back out in mid-summer for the fall consignment period.

Be sure to consign items while they are still relevant to increase the selling chances. This rules applies for both kids and adults. At 529 Kids Consign we don’t take items that are more than 4-5 years old. Fits and styles change for kids just as they do for adults. For example, a wider pant for boys may have been in style five years ago, but now slimmer pants are more on trend.

little girl at garment rack

Now you are ready to consign! Research different consignment shops in the area, understand their policy, and book your appointment.  It’s fun to see your once-loved items turn into cash in your pocket.

Hope to see you this spring! Happy Cleaning!

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