25 Finds under $200

I think Elizabeth Todd is one of the most brilliant businesswomen on the face of the planet. She is the reason The Shoe Hive has been a success for nearly fifteen years, and her instinct regarding the buy and business is remarkably on point. One thing she got right at The Shoe Hive from the beginning was to carry a wide range of price points and styles.

I shopped at The Shoe Hive when I first moved to the area after college and made next to nothing. I would stalk the clearance section and always stocked up on Sam Edelman flats. Over the years, I am grateful to have graduated to the occasional pair of Aquatalia boots or AGL sneakers. I’ve “grown up” shopping at The Shoe Hive. And I love knowing that when a customer walks through that door I am likely going to be able to find exactly what they need at exactly the right price. Because style and fashion should be inclusive — that’s important to us.

She has approached stocking the shelves at The Hive — our clothing store at 301 Cameron — in a similar way. Yes, you can spend more on a handmade embroidered lace top made in Paris or an alpaca wool coat made in upstate New York from sheep that live on the same land. But we also carry pieces that are more accessible in both style and price, too. I looked through our racks and pulled my favorite twenty-five pieces under $200 to prove my point. Here goes.

1. Drapey Hooded Pullover by Sundry, $108

 2. Open Front Cardigan by Sundry, $117

3. Crew Neck by Sundry, $187

4. Drop Waist Ruffle Dress by Sundry, $121

5. Striped Tank Top by Sundry, $77

 6. Ruffle Tee by Amo, $150

7. Washed Denim Blouse by Side Stitch, $144

 8. V-Neck Tank by Side Stitch, $75 (Available in other colors.)

9. Poplin Ruffle Sleeve Top by The English Factory, $62

10. Drop Waist Dress by The English Factory, $81

11. Two Pocket Dress by Side Stitch, $138

12. Asymmetrical Dress by The Coverii, $102

13. High-Low Dress by The Coverii, $112

14. & 15. Drapey Pullover Sweater by Sundry, $117 & Striped Sweatpants, $117

 16. Ruffle Sweatshirt by Current Elliott, $198

 17. Embroidered Sweatshirt by The Great, $195

18. V-Neck Tee by Sundry, $92

 19. Sleeveless Frill Dress by The English Factory, $98 (Also available in navy.)

 20. Ruffle Bottom Tee by NSF, $145

21. The Joni Shirt by Current Elliott, $198

 22. Destroyed Sweatshirt by The Great, $185

23. The Square Dress by The Great, $185

 24. Popover Dress by Finley, $196

 25. The Lounge Pullover by Current Elliott, $168

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