The Stylebook Top Five

Every week we bring you the top five things we are loving. This week, the Stylebook Top Five includes a glamorous bookend, booties to keep you warm and the ultimate color protection shampoo and conditioner! But we want you to share your favorite things with us too! Don’t forget to share your favorite things each week with #StylebookTop5 and tagging @alxstylebook on Twitter and Instagram.


Gayla: I love these contemporary bookends to add a little shine as you style your bookshelves or console table!  7.25″W X 7.25″H X 7.25”D (Available at Coco Blanca, $147.50)

Elizabeth: Love your liquid lipstick, but hate that you can’t rub your lips together with it on? Jouer Long-Wear Lip Topper in “Tan Lines” is for you! High sparkle, long-wearing pigment that jazzes up any long-wear lip. Wear on top of lipstick, lip liner, or instead of a traditional gloss on bare lips for a gorgeous bronzy sheen. (Available at , $16)

Darby: Jack Rogers has introduced a chic cold-weather boot that is big on style and performance.  This lace up, all-weather boot has got you covered with a rubber bottom that provides great traction and a waterproof finish.  Perfect for keeping your feet toasty during the chilly months ahead!  (Available at Kiskadee, $120)

Christen: I have recently extolled the virtues of “greige” to several customers. A cross between gray and beige (or taupe), I find that it is truly the most versatile and the most modern of neutrals. And when you find an Italian-made, weatherproof bootie in the lauded hue, how can you resist? (Available at The Shoe Hive, $450)

Creative Director’s Pick: It’s become almost a cult following seeing what color my hair will be next – and there’s a good reason why! I color my hair, a lot. To keep my color looking great, no matter the shade, I rely this amazing product by Bumble and Bumble. (Available at Bellacara)

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