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Earlier this week, Christen introduced the newest member of The Shoe Hive and The Hive family, Katie Newell. As Christen explained, “the very talented and very stylish” Katie is a perfect fit into the Alexandria community.

Says Megan Podolsky, owner of 529 Kids Consign, and the person who introduced Katie to The Hive, “I knew from the moment that I met Katie, she and I would get along! We both have a love for shoes, handbags, and Pinot Noir! She will be my sister-in-law someday, but in reality she is already my sister. Anyone that meets Katie immediately knows why my brother fell in love with her! She has such a zest for life and her infectious laugh will instantly put a smile on your face.”

I had the pleasure of photographing her last week for The Hive, and our shoot was nothing less than extraordinary. I love meeting other young, enthusiastic women in this town, and Katie is just that. The entire shoot was filled with laughter, smiles, and compliments (from Katie to me!). It was hands down one of my most energetic shoots to date. I’m thrilled that she is joining The Hive and The Shoe Hive as their Director of Operations because it means I get to work with (and photograph) her more! Hopefully Katie understands that her new position also includes modeling, because come on, can you look any better in this outfit?!



How do you spend your time? When I have free time, it’s spent with our dogs. My boyfriend and I love to take the dogs to the park and watch them run around; their joy brings us a lot of happiness. I am a homebody at heart, so I spend most mornings and evenings being in the kitchen. Cooking, chatting, making breakfast or drinking a glass of wine. Food and laughter feed my soul.

Neighborhood: We live in Shirlington and just adore the village. Walking everywhere has its perks!

How long have you lived in Alexandria: We have been in the D.C. area for 2 weeks.

What is your hometown? Dallas, Texas

What brought you to Alexandria? We both wanted career changes and a new city to call home

What would surprise people about you?  I like dogs more than people (my three nephews are exempt from this).

You’re a superhero: what’s your superpower? I can fly!

Favorite cocktail: A real Tex-Mex margarita on the rocks

Last book read or movie seen: I did an audio book on the drive from Texas to D.C. and listened to The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Funny thing about that is it has been on my to-read list for more than 10 years, and the timing to listen to it couldn’t have been better. Last movie seen was the Jason Bourne movie — love a good action flick.

Guilty Pleasure: Sugarfina anything

Phrase you overuse: 100% 100% 100% I’m over hearing myself say it!

Facebook or Instagram? Facebook

Latest binge-watch: “Homeland”

Bucket list travel destination: Amalfi coast

If you only could have one for the rest of your life: wine or coffee? Coffee



Define your style in three words or less: Feminine, classic, refined

The go-to piece in your wardrobe: My black Chanel pumps

Favorite trend ever: Statement necklaces — always does the trick for me

Favorite current trend: Chunky heel booties

Beauty product you can’t live without: Cle´de peau under eye concealer

Favorite fragrance: Jo Malone

Heels or flats? My favorite is something right in between — I’ll say flats but I love a little heel action.




Favorite room in your home: Kitchen

Antiques, modern, or a mix? Hard mix. I adore old with new. I like history and character; things that tell stories.

Last item bought for your home: Where do I start…I bought new Chanel and Alexander McQueen coffee table books — fab and chic on any tabletop.

Next planned purchase: Plants, succulents, an orchid; we need some green!

Favorite way to entertain: Dinner party served outdoors

Clutter-free or well-lived in? Well-lived in

Wallpaper — yes, totally modern or no, so dated:  YES!


Your go-to work-out: Love cycling classes

Most fun way to exercise: With friends or a really awesome instructor

Group exercise or solo: I love working out with my boyfriend

Fitness goal: It’s not about the number on the scale; it’s about how you feel inside.

Proudest fitness achievement: Working out three days a week!



Favorite spot in Alexandria: Hank’s

Last purchase in Alexandria: A Twig & Twine necklace from The Shoe Hive

Best coffee / happy hour / date night spot: We love getting coffee from Best Buns in Shirlington and sitting outside. We haven’t done a date night yet since we moved here!

Favorite charity: Any charity that helps to save animals

Favorite annual Alexandria event: Halloween at Cameron Station

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