3 Unexpected Reasons To Consider a Daily Practice

I’m not much of a “do something daily” kind of gal. I love to be spontaneous. I also tend to get bored with too much routine. So when I kept seeing and hearing #yogaeverydamnday, I felt a lot of resistance. “Every day?”

I started going to yoga at Mind the Mat about four years ago. I would practice three to five times per week. I felt like that was an excellent effort and I was proud of my commitment. I had no intentions of changing the frequency. But then on Christmas 2017, I made a spur of the moment decision to practice #yogaeverydamnday.

My friends and family became concerned.

“You’re going to hurt yourself!”

“You’ll be exhausted!”

“Your body needs rest!”

I decided to throw caution to the wind and I gave it a try. For the first couple weeks, I was exhausted. Since this was over the holidays, work and kid activities were manageable, but I wasn’t sure I could keep up with the pace once life started to roll again.

About three weeks in, I found a groove and I started to notice a few things shifting in my life.


1. When invested in my health, it created more time.

As friends, colleagues, and neighbors dropped like flies from the flu, I had more energy than ever. For the first time, I escaped the winter months without as much as a sniffle. I calculated the amount of time I spent in yoga vs. the amount of time my friends were in bed sick. No contest. I was sold on yoga’s benefits to the immune system and saw that my time investment in yoga paid big dividends.



2. I reshaped by beliefs about my body.

I didn’t set out to lose weight on this endeavor. I had come to terms with the “fact” that we gain weight in mid-life. At 47, I watched the scale creep up and figured it was normal. With yoga on my mind, I was much more mindful about how I treated my body all day long. I ate healthier and drank less. In three months, I lost more than ten pounds and I now feel stronger and leaner than I have in decades. So much for midlife weight gain being inevitable!



3. I gained confidence that I can craft the life I want.

Four months ago, yoga every day seemed impossible, yet when I made it a priority, everything changed. I scheduled around it. I made different decisions. And I found myself fiercely protecting my yoga time. When yoga every day became possible, I recognized that anything is possible with conscious choices and firm priorities. I’m now ready to tackle business goals that seemed out of reach just months ago.


More than a decade ago, my sister sent a card to me that read, “If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?” I loved this card. And while I believe we are more than just our bodies, we need healthy bodies to help us make meaningful contributions to the world. I invite you to put your body first. If yoga isn’t your thing, find another physical practice that you can do every day and see what opens up for you.


Nancy Belmont is the CEO of Vessence Corporation (formerly Belmont, Inc.) and leader of the #WeLiveBig community. Nancy focuses her work on promoting human flourishing, continually inspiring authenticity and increasing individual and collective consciousness for a more unified, vibrant world.

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