3 Steps To Taking Back Mama

Most of our clients are busy moms — both working and stay-at-home — who are looking for easy ways to look and feel pulled together in their everyday lives. As a mom of three myself, I know it is nearly impossible to think about yourself when you are in the midst of diapers, preschool drop-off, runny noses, tantrums, potty-training, soccer games, and the never-ending quest for sleep.

But, it can be done.

Anna is a mom of three herself. Her youngest is nine months old. We recently audited her closet and gave her a fresh start with some workable ideas to update and upgrade her look. We didn’t want to change her everyday jeans-and-t-shirt look. We wanted to take what she is comfortable wearing and elevate it with some key pieces.

Below are some of the recommendations I gave her in her Style Memo, a report that acts as a blueprint for our client’s personal style. These few additions are sure to get any mom’s style mojo back!


1. Add a lightweight patterned scarf.

We always talk to our clients about adding that third piece. A great jacket, necklace, or scarf will instantly make an outfit. For new moms, this is an easy strategy to look and feel more pulled together.

Dress from Kiskadee, shoes from The Shoe Hive, bag and scarf from The Hive.

My choice for that third piece for moms is a lightweight patterned scarf in easy-to-match colors like blue and gray.  If it is in a pattern, it can easily mask spills and take more wear without looking worn.


2. Swap out your ratty canvas sneakers for a leather or suede slip-on sneaker.

My favorite casual shoe over the last couple of years is the slip-on sneaker. Over the past few seasons, designers have tweaked and refined the original Vans skate-sneaker style to feel more refined and grownup. It’s the perfect stylish and easy choice for mamas on the go with kids in tow.

Jeans, t-shirt, necklace, and backpack from The Hive. Sneakers from The Shoe Hive. Shirt dress (used as a jacket) from Kiskadee.


3. Blazer it up.

No other garment does what a blazer can do. Whatever is going on underneath, the blazer immediately elevates your look. It’s the perfect piece to dress up a date-night outfit. You’ll notice Anna is wearing the same white jeans and white t-shirt from her second look. I simply dressed those pieces up with this fun animal-print silk blazer.

Everything from The Hive and The Shoe Hive.

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