4 Tips To Rock that Jumpsuit

I adore jumpsuits!  Like a dress, they are one-and-done…a complete outfit.  They blessed the 70s and have returned in fabulous fabrics, vibrant prints, and fresh new styles.  However, some women find jumpsuits a tad bit intimidating.  As I say, and my mother, too, you never know until you try it on!  Here are a few tips to keep in mind…

1. Find Your Fit

Like any clothing, you want the perfect fit.  You don’t want to spend your hard earned money on sloppy!  Nothing too tight, nothing too loose…you want it juuuust right.  You want to be able to show off your figure and just enough skin to exude class and sex appeal.

2. Show Your Waist

A jumpsuit without a defined waist = The Blob.  It was a bad movie back in the day and it is an even worse look.  The black bodice of this Alice and Trixie jumpsuit clearly delineates wear the waist ends and the legs begin.  And yes…jumpsuits can make your legs look a mile long!  Should you purchase a jumpsuit without a defined waist, wrap a belt or scarf around your middle to give you that curvaceous look.

3. Break out the Heels!

As stated above, jumpsuits are a leg-elongator!  And with a wide-legged jumpsuit, heels are an absolute must.  A flat or a sandal would make the bottom of the jumpsuit look sloppy and thus ill fitting.  You want to feed that long-legged illusion!  An added benefit to a wide leg and heels…your waist will look smaller!

4. Yes! It Can Be Formal!

In the Washington, D.C., area we are no strangers to formal functions.  Dare to be different and wear a jumpsuit!  With the appropriate fit, fabric, and draping you won’t need any accessories or embellishments.  Instead, you will rock the establishment and ring in a new vibe in elegance and sophistication.

Jumpsuits are a statement style…strike the pose girlfriends!

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