4 Ways To Reframe the “Spring” Jacket

Spring jackets in the D.C. area are useless. Locals all joke that the DMV spring season lasts maybe two weeks and then we are in the dead heat and humidity of summer. That cute lightweight jacket you bought to wear as outerwear when the temperatures are 55-65? I guess you’ll wait until those two weeks roll around again next year. Or, is there a different way to think about these lightweight jackets that doesn’t limit them to that short window of time?

Sometimes making a closet more versatile and valuable is simply a matter of reframing certain seasonal pieces to be all-season. Instead of grabbing a spring jacket only in early spring or early fall, think of it as that crucial “third piece” to pull your look together year round.

The first step to reframe these garments is to hang them in your main clothing closet instead of in your coat closet. Now they are ready to be part of your outfits year-round!


1. The Denim Jacket

Wear Now: Light layer over a sundress.

Reframe To Wear Later: Your denim jacket is now a “shirt.” Layer over a thinner turtleneck, button it up like a collared shirt, and pair with high-waist wide-leg trousers, and dressy ankle boots. Wear your heavy outerwear over your “shirt!”

GRLFRND denim jacket from TSALT


2. The Utility Jacket

Utility jackets have become a staple over the past several years. The key to making it more than lightweight outerwear is to select one that isn’t a heavy canvas material, but a fabric that drapes. A rayon blend works best.

Wear Now: Wear as light layer with t-shirt and jeans.

Reframe To Wear Later: Your utility jacket is now a “cardigan.” Layer over a blouse, and pair with skinny jeans and ankle boots. Accessorize with a oblong scarf.

Veronica Beard Paulette jacket from The Hive


3. The Blazer

The key to a blazer that can be worn year-round is to select all-season fabrics like tropical wool, scuba, silk blend, rayon, etc. Fabrics like linen or a nubby, thick wool are season-specific and not as versatile.

Wear Now: Layer over a graphic tee with jeans or over a dress for work. You can remove as needed and still have a complete look.

Reframe To Wear Later: It’s still a blazer, but now it’s not something you remove. Instead of a jacket for added warmth on cool spring days, layer over a sleeveless blouse and pair with slim-fit trousers or a pencil skirt for a professional look.

Veronica Beard Schoolboy Jacket from The Hive and Smythe Jacket from TSALT


4. The Knit Moto Jacket

We have dubbed knit jackets “soft” jackets. They have the structure of a seamed blazer, moto jacket, etc, but wear like a cardigan.

Wear Now: Layer over a light sweater for cool, early spring days.

Reframe To Wear Later: Your knit moto jacket is now a stepped-up “cardigan.” Layer over a long-sleeve top, silk scarf, and wide-leg cropped jeans with sock booties.

LillaP moto jacket from Kiskadee


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