Think Outside the Box! 5 Creative & Stylish Ways To Wrap Gifts

One of the most touching parts of the holiday season is giving gifts to those we love most. However, wrapping all those presents can be quite the daunting task! Here are five fresh and gorgeous holiday wrapping tips from Coco Blanca to make sure your pretty parcels are memorable!


We love the look of simple brown paper and twine embellished with a fresh piece of holly or a trimming from the tree to dress it up! Simply thread twine through a flat tag with your message on it, and fashion into a bow, then slide the flora underneath the twine!


One of our favorite ways to make gift wrap look extra festive and sleek is by mixing metallic shades with neutrals. Gold paper can be spiced up with white and silver ribbon, and gray paper looks wonderful wrapped in white and gold ribbon! Go beyond simple red-and-green paper!


Want to find a cute way to send cookies, mulling spices, or hot cocoa mix? Try a mason jar. Simply thread pretty plaid ribbon through a flat tag and tie it around the jar. If you’re feeling fancy, you can even order or make circular mason jar labels that have your custom message on the top.


Looking for a pop of a winter-y color that isn’t red or green? Try Tiffany blue. Whether you tie a blue ribbon around a white box, or use blue paper and silver ribbon, this gorgeous color is synonymous with ice, snow, sparkle, and elegance.


For an unconventional and fresh look, try black accents. The key to keeping the black from feeling drab is to mix prints and add pops of color. Try a black ribbon on a gold package, or a shimmering silver with a black stripe paper. Très chic!


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