5 Do’s and Don’ts for the Holiday Season

Why is the holiday season full of stress for so many?  I LOVE the holidays but the forced family fun can be exhausting.  Plus, surrounded by all sorts of goodies, I’m not eating my best and I’m being overserved at every party.  However, I will survive!  Here are a few ideas on how to navigate the season of being merry.

1. Splurge on thoughtful presents.


Splurge doesn’t have to mean spending a pretty penny on every present, but I love to give thoughtful and generous gifts to those I love.  I enjoy buying gifts my family wants, not necessarily needs, because that they can do for themselves.  Plus, it adds an element of surprise!  Fur scarves and mittens are luxurious items your loved ones may not buy for themselves and they are classic pieces that can be used immediately. And you can never go wrong with unique jewelry!  I enjoy spoiling my family members with distinctive jewelry…a little arm, neck, or ear candy can deliver a delightful bombshell to the lovely ladies in your life!

2. Don’t drink too much.


‘Nuff said.  But at least you started out the evening in a beautiful top by Julie Brown!

3.  Going out?  Dress to impress!


Toss the LBD and bring out the sparkles and sequins for your holiday evening activities!  This gold and black metallic knit dress is an absolute stunner.  SO comfortable and forgiving…no worries about noshing on an extra canapé or two!  The ruching moves with you and stays put.  Plus, as we know with ruching, it hides any perceived flaws.  Bum ruching works magic on the behind!

4.  Dress casually when hanging with the fam and friends.


Ahhhh comfort…the type you only find when relaxing with your family and friends.  Throw on your most comfortable jeans and t-shirt and top it with a cozy jacket or vest shown here.  Snuggle up by the fire, sink back in the comfy couch, and simply enjoy the wonderful contentedness when surrounded with the ones you love most. 

5.  Do take time for yourself.


Recognize if your chi is low but stress high.  Exercise is a wonderful way to reduce stress.  Take a yoga, barre, or Pilates class at Mind the Mat.  These mindfulness experts will restore your strength and lighten your soul.  Or, take a nap!  Better yet, do both.  Peacefulness will be reestablished and you will be ready conquer the day and look forward to an exciting New Year!

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