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Humans are designed to move. Sadly, as we’ve evolved, a sedentary lifestyle has become far too normal. Don’t get me wrong, technology and innovation is great. We all know we aren’t in the business of growing, gathering, or catching our own food anymore. More importantly, we aren’t required to run to keep from being food. But the evolving lack of movement has caused a disconnect between our minds and our bodies. We work in jobs that don’t require our bodies, sitting at desks, taking Ubers, driving kids around, clicking mouse buttons, and tapping on keyboards. We only notice our bodies when something goes “wrong” with it.



We have, in effect, betrayed our bodies.


The body will become better at whatever you do, or don’t do. You don’t move? The body will make you better at NOT moving. If you move, your body will allow more movement.

— Ido Portal


My friend, mentor, and coach, Max Shank, gets right to the point.


“Stop moving? You’re dead.”



Fortunately, Max has found that just a “few simple movements will make a PROFOUND impact on your health, productivity, and well-being.” He’s not taking about calisthenics, push-ups, sit-ups, or burpees. He really means SIMPLE movements. And these simple movements will enhance your strength simply by taking off the “neurological brakes” our minds have put on our bodies, and, as I preach  — yes, ask them. I preach. — will make you more positive, more productive, and change your life.


Just 5 Minutes…


According to Max, “most people essentially drive around with the emergency brake on. Your body is fighting against itself instead of working together seamlessly, but you can change that…The aches and pains that you’ve ignored for too long will melt away, if you spend just 5 minutes in the morning finding your flow…”


What is a flow?


Simply put, it’s any set of movements you want it to be. Note I said movements. A flow is not a series of static stretches. A flow can be stretches put together, yet moving. It can be easy or really hard and everything in between. A 5-Minute Flow is geared to improve your mobility, rather than only focusing on flexibility.


How To #5minuteflow


Move continuously for five minutes every morning. It’s the critical period for your day. Start every day off the right way. Even a 5-minute walk around your block is a flow.

Make some big circles with all of your joints head to toe, or do some yoga/dance/martial arts movements.

Just move. It doesn’t have to be scripted or rehearsed.



When you finish your 5-minute flow, make sure you hit all the major body parts. Did I move my:

►Wrists? ►Elbows? ►Shoulders? ►Shoulder Blades? ►Neck? ►Thoracic Spine? ►Lumbar Spine? ►Hips? ►Knees? ►Ankles?


Try to make sure the answer is YES to all of those questions, and as you gain more ability and confidence, you will find that many of the compound movements address many of these areas all at once, which makes your flow more efficient and effective! And…might I add…burns more fat! Win win!

We only have one body, and it’s worth developing into an incredible freedom machine, capable of playing with your kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids. Give yourself the gift of daily movement, have fun while doing it, and enjoy the fruits of your efforts with a lifetime of health and fitness. Just become a little better than you were yesterday.


Join us at FOR for a 5-week program to learn how to do the 5-Minute Flow.
It will change your life!


  • The latest from Adrien
Adrien founded Fitness on the Run in 2004 out of her home. After spending 15 years developing her own personal definition of wellness and watching thousands struggle with theirs, in January 2019 Adrien founded Alexandria Wellness, the home for the Concierge Wellness Program and Corporate Wellness with Adrien Cotton. Over the course of 15 years, “FOR” was home to more than 1,500 clients, 25 instructors, and hundreds of inspirational success stories. Adrien is now-more-than-ever passionate about helping others view their fitness as a journey, not a quick fix. Adrien’s recipe for success herself has evolved from a rigid training plan of sweaty workout weeks to some days getting in her 10,000 steps, consciously breathing, her 7.5 hours of sleep and her beloved 5-Minute Flow. Now, Adrien believes the most important ingredient is making small changes for big results, even if it’s one new habit formed each month. Still passionate about fitness, Adrien’s clients appreciate her ability to make sessions seriously challenging without a “beat down”, a healthy mix of strength and metabolix work and ultimately helping her clients gain real strength. Adrien believes we all benefit from being curious about our bodies and our health and that change, or improvement, is always within reach despite what your “inner voice” or others may tell you. Adrien is bubbling with excitement to help Alexandrians learn the importance of a comprehensive approach to wellness, weight loss, and contentedness with yourself, and that every person has the right to feel good about themselves. Most days, you can find her helping clients with their wellness and listening to clients’ success stories and bragging about her twin 12 year old children and “fittest man in Alexandria” Bill Cotton. Adrien prides herself on her practice of mindfulness, meditation, and putting it all into perspective.

Alexandria Wellness offers achievable answers for anyone who is tired of chasing fitness and health without a clear plan, someone who has struggled and is not satisfied with their fitness and wellness or someone who is open to maximized healthful longevity and fitness along with healthful weight loss. Adrien and her team offer help with food guidance, body acceptance, sleep and stress issues, and insist you have fun along the way.

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