5 Common Style Blunders, Easily Corrected

5 Style Blunders

One of the things I love most about being a woman is the sisterhood — you know, the women who have your back. We rely on our sisters to share in our joy and our pain, and most importantly, to be truly honest.

And when it comes to style, that’s one area we pride ourselves at DC Style Factory: We want to help our clients achieve a look that is purposeful. To that end, we approach each appointment with expertise, care and the honesty you would expect from a good friend. In this post, we are talking about five common style mistakes and how they can be easily corrected.

Cuffing a Skinny Jean

5 Style Blunders

Jeans: The Hive.

A common style mistake we see at DC Style Factory is when clients try to cuff  a skinny jean. Here’s why: it just doesn’t work to try and fold the narrowest part of the skinny jean upward to a wider part of the leg (the calf).

Better choice: Save that big cuff for a true straight leg jean. Its wider foot hole will fold up nicely and create a more balanced look for the leg line.


The Tank Top as a Minimizer

5 Style Blunders

Blouse, Tank Top, Jeans: The Hive

At DC Style Factory we know that in order to balance your silhouette, you want to make sure your silhouette is elongated. A common style mistake we often see is when a client pulls down a layering tank of a contrasting color past the hips in an effort to minimize them.

Take a look at the comparison between pulling down the tank vs. tucking it in. In the first photo, the eye moves horizontally where you see the light colored layering tank right at the hip line.

Better choice: Tuck in the tank. The eye, particularly with a monochromatic look, will move up and down the body line instead of side to side.


Pendants with Button Down Shirts

5 Style Blunders

Blouses: The Hive. Pendant: The Shoe Hive.

A beautiful pendant can take an outfit from ho-hum to standout. But, pairing a pendant with a button-down shirt creates a battle for the eye’s focus since the placket and pendant are in the same space. The buttons distract from the pendant’s spotlight moment.

Better choice: Choose a smooth front top that allows for a clean, polished look.  Also, check out DC Style Factory Owner and Chief Stylist Rosana Vollmerhausen’s guide on which necklace to wear with various necklines for a stylish win on your accessory choice every time.


Pointy Toe Flat vs. The Ballerina

5 Style Blunders

Shoes: The Shoe Hive.

We know. Audrey Hepburn looked amazing in her classic black top, black pants, and ballerina flats. But the truth is, ballet flats break the leg line, giving the effect of shorter legs.

Better choice: Try a pointy-toe flat or a flat shoe with a longer toe box to lengthen the leg line.


Leggings as Pants

5 Style Blunders

Tops, Leggings, Sandals: Kiskadee.

Leggings. Can we talk? They are comfy and an easy “go to” when we are on the run. But, they are not pants. They are only a step above tights, and should not be worn without something covering the back and front.

Better choice: Choose a tunic or longer top that falls below the hips for a pulled together, polished look without sacrificing comfort. Check out this DC Style Factory video where Owner and Chief Stylist Rosana Vollmerhausen breaks down the simple rules when it comes to leggings vs. pants.


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