6 Generations of Jewelry: The Mazza Family

I’ve been working with Jeff Mazza for many, many years and absolutely adore and respect his family. He has such a passion for one of the only things that really matters in life – family. The Mazza family has been involved in the jewelry business creating memories and telling stories for almost two centuries.

In the beginning the family worked with coral and conch shells, which they harvested and hand-carved in Italy for cameos. Then, in the 1930’s, the Mazza family opened their first jewelry store above a restaurant in Italy…and the rest is history!

Their fine jewelry techniques continue to be passed from generation to generation. Today, The Mazza Company is a sixth generation manufacturer of high-fashion, fine jewelry using hand-carved colored gemstones, natural sea shells, and pearls crafted in 14kt or 18kt gold. And their legacy continues to be creating beautiful things that last forever, from generation to generation.

Mystique will be hosting Mazza on Thursday, March 30th and I hope you will stop by to see the gorgeous collection that this family continues to design throughout the years. I asked Jeff to share a little bit about their latest collection and the inspiration behind the jewelry you will find at Mystique this month.

“I have been purchasing the best deals on single stones and lots that are available on the market. Having my grandfather and great grandfather in the stone business gives me a great many suppliers and some antiques in my vault to use as well.” 

“I am staying away from ‘superhot’ stones that tend to get overused and overpriced. Trying to use classical motifs and being inspired by the styles of the late 60’s and early 70’s makes these pieces wearable without an expiration on style.” 


“I am designing items that are sophisticated but can be worn casual as well. There are not as many ‘formal’ affairs and the jewelry needs to transition from a beach vacation to dinner in the city. Keeping an eye on the ‘value’ of the pieces but making sure the aesthetics are paramount. The customer also ends up with a one-of-a-kind item that should be an heirloom for their family’s next generation.”

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Featuring old world styles, textures in gold, and styles that are rich yet perfect for everyday wear. Mystique Jewelers evolved from that of custom goldsmith shop into a truly sophisticated boutique, featuring the most coveted designers’ lines such as: Jude Frances, Alberto Parada, Jaime Joseph, Lauren K, KC Designs, and Beverly K as well as creating “one of kind” designs that are timeless, heirloom, and classic. Planning on getting engaged? Our diamond experts, master goldsmith, and designers on the premises will assist you in creating a truly remarkable, one-of-a-kind engagement ring.

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