6 Great Gifts for Great Hostesses

Hopefully during the months of July and/or August you are having the chance to relax, catch up with friends, and vacation a bit. And if we are all lucky, we will be invited to a barbeque or maybe even an overnight house party last minute. Why not stock your gift closet so you are ready to say yes to that impromptu get together? At Coco Blanca, we have a few suggestions.

1. Perhaps you have something to celebrate with your hostess.  These champagne vessels made of “dainty” glass have been a staple in our store for years. We love them and they always make the perfect gift. $65

2. This gift is my favorite. It smells wonderful, and is a gift that is unique and useful. Simply place this french lavender insert inside or under a pillow to help relax and induce a great night’s sleep. Who doesn’t want that?  I bet your hostess has never received it before and will be thrilled.  If you are going for an overnight visit, throw in another set for the guest room in which you will be staying! $31

3. This handmade porcelain pitcher is a perennial favorite. The size of this beautiful pitcher lends itself to morning orange juice, milk, or pouring the perfect afternoon cocktail — any hostess can find multiple uses. Soft, translucent glazes are applied by hand, leading to complementary hues where every piece has its own unique shade.  The exterior unglazed bisque finish has a grainy sandy eggshell texture in contrast to the polished pastel.  $35

4. These adorable unique vases are the perfect little gift for the hostess who has everything. Fill with a little water and a flower bud picked from the garden and you have the perfect flower arrangement. And even just sitting without a flower they still add a flair to a book shelf or coffee table. $21 each

5. Staying for a longer visit usually calls for something a little more substantial.  I have fallen in love with these bowls, which you can give as a set or separately. The picture doesn’t justify how beautiful this blue color is.  This bowl is a beautiful serving dish, but also would look gorgeous just sitting out. Any hostess would be thrilled to receive these bowls. Larger bowl, $125; smaller bowl, $85

6. This little vase has been a favorite of ours for years now. The gold-dipped vase always makes a beautiful, unique gift. $25


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