6 Reasons To Make Mind the Mat Your Home this Fall

I always think of the Cheers theme song when I come to work because Mind the Mat is a place where everyone knows my name.  Which isn’t unusual — I teach full-time and manage the studio so clients are likely to hear about me.  What I love, though, is that it’s a place where I know my students’ names, and they know each other’s as well.  Mind the Mat is a community where friendships are formed and cultivated, people are friendly and get to know each other, and it feels like a family.  Here are six reasons why we think you should join us at Mind the Mat and make it your home as well.

06 Therapeutic

1) One of the most affordable Monthly Unlimited Memberships you’ll find in the D.C. Area.

Our monthly unlimited membership is currently $125/month, and we offer more than 130 classes a week between our Del Ray and Clarendon locations (and about 100 in Del Ray alone).  This includes access to expertly crafted barre, Pilates, and yoga classes, as well as Mommy & Me and gentle classes.  Our hot yoga and Pilates classes are held in a state-of-the-art hot studio that is designed to help you get the most out of your experience.

If you’re interested in becoming a member, make sure to sign up by today. Prices increase to $139/month tomorrow, so hurry!

01 barre

02 barre

2) Our barre program

Our barre classes are taught by yoga- and Pilates-trained instructors who expertly guide you to work every muscle in your body.  Our barre program is more affordable than the other studios in the area, AND we’re always adding new options, including new classes starting this week!  Check out our schedule and see what classes work for you!

03 hot pilates3) Hot Pilates

Our unique Hot Pilates experience is a killer workout that will leave you sweating and shaking and addicted.  One of our most popular and unique programs, you won’t find anything else like it.  Check out the schedule here.

04 prenatal postpartum

05 prenatal postpartum

4) Prenatal & Postpartum

We work hard to offer specialized series in prenatal and postpartum to ensure that mamas-to-be and new moms have access to safe, functional, and effective exercise.  Join us for a specialized 6-week series, prenatal yoga drop-ins, or Mommy & Me with your little one!  Another benefit to being a member is you get 15 percent off these series! Sign up now!

07 Therapeutic

5) Therapeutic Program

We strive to offer programs to all individuals, regardless of age and injury.  We’ve spent a lot of time developing our therapeutic programs to help you recover from injuries, heal aches and pains, or just take things a little bit more slowly. We also have a special Yoga for Athletes program designed to prevent injury before it happens. Interested? Learn more!

08 special workshops

09 special workshops6) Special Workshops

In addition to our regular classes and specialized series, we love to offer Special Workshops, giving you the ability to dive deeper into your practice, learn more, or take time to relax from your busy lives.  Coming up this fall:

Late Summer Restorative & Yin Yoga with Hope

Yoga for Stress Management with Laura

Hula Hooping with Deb

Hands on Assists for Yoga Instructors with Julie

Pilates Fundamentals with Laura

Handstand Fitness with Mauricio

Intro to Arm Balances & Inversions with Laura

And more! Check out our full schedule here! And remember, members receive 15 percent off workshops as well!

Questions about any of our programs? Email me and I’ll help you out! Can’t wait to see you at the studio!

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