6 Resolution Myths, Busted…and How To Actually Reach Your Goals

As you may have gathered from my last few blogs, I love facts, so I thought I’d finish my mythbusting series with some fun facts about New Year’s resolutions. While everyone seems abuzz about resolutions immediately following the New Year, it seems that by the time spring comes around (and by spring, I mean the end of February), many resolutions are out the window.

If you dare, ask someone on March 1 about their resolution. Odds are you’ll be met with “um, yeah, well, I’ve been busy.” And don’t for a minute think your trainer hasn’t been in the same boat. 2018 did a number on the goals I set last January.

Now let’s dispel the myths about why most of us can’t seem to “accomplish” our resolutions and see how to really reach our goals.


Myth #1: You know exactly what you want to change.

Reality: The what is far less important than the why. Focus on the reasons why you’re trying to change instead of focusing on the actual thing that needs to be changed.


Myth #2: Big goals are better than little ones.

Reality: It is all about baby steps – just look at the most popular goals from 2018 above. Most of these are big ambitious goals, which is great, but how are you going to get to that big goal? To see the best results, you want to set smaller, achievable, goals that will lead you to a larger goal.


Myth #3: It is easy to make one small change.

Reality: Sorry…but it isn’t. Changing anything takes commitment and time. Behavior change requires continuous effort until it becomes an automatic part of our routine. And adding something to your routine means subtracting something else, a fact few of us actually admit. If you want to exercise for 30 minutes every other day, you need to wake up earlier, leave work earlier, or find the time somewhere else.


Myth #4: Come January 1st, we think we can hit a reset button and we’re a whole new person.

Reality: You are the exact same person you were on December 31st. Yes, we want to change, we want improvement, and we want a fresh start; however, we cannot reinvent ourselves all at once (see Myth #3). Change takes time, commitment, and needs to be done in small goals (see Myth #2).


Myth #5: I can change on my own.

Reality: Going public with your goals makes you more likely to succeed. Take it a step further and post your “achievements” on social media. I can’t tell you how happy I was to see a friend’s workout summaries posted on Instagram the last few days.


Myth #6: You don’t have to write your New Year’s resolutions down. Just saying them counts.

Reality: Write your goals down! If I make one change this year it will be this. I’ve always been pretty self-motivating, so I didn’t think writing down goals was necessary. But I’ve repeatedly fallen short on goals. Make a list of your goals, the reasons, and a plan to obtain these goals. Measurable commitments are easier to keep track of than lofty commitments, such as “I want to work out more.”


As you get your head around your 2019 goals, if any of them are fitness related, come see us at Fitness on the Run. Our three Personal Training sessions for $99 is a perfect start to kick off a new fitness program. We can also put you on the path to real results by helping you dial in your goals to make them more manageable.


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