A Decade of Thanks

A Decade of Thanks

A Decade of Thanks

On September 1, 2007, I opened Red Barn Mercantile.  It’s been 10 years – most of which is a blur – but I still remember that day.  I also remember the day before and the panic that set in.  Questions – like “What have I done?” “Will they like it?” “What if they don’t like it?” – raced through my head at lighting speed.  See, when you open a store – or start your own business of any sort – you are taking your idea, your vision, and making it a reality.  It is a deeply personal thing to do and for someone who lives in fear of people not liking them, this was an extraordinary leap.

A Decade of Thanks

But oh, how glad I am that I took that leap.  While retail isn’t financially lucrative, it has made me rich in untold ways. The memories created and friendships made are priceless.  With your indulgence, I have many people to thank.

To my parents…

You have been so supportive from the very beginning.  The memories of hunting for antiques and refinishing them in your garage are some of my all-time favorites. There aren’t enough words in the world to show my appreciation, but I hope a heartfelt I love you will do.

To the original Shopkeepers Consortium…

And its modern-day incarnation, I am thankful to you ladies for being so open and honest about your own shopkeeping experiences.  You have taught me so much and I am better for having known you.

To the ladies of the Old Town Boutique District…

I would not have made it through the last 10 years without you.  Your leadership, ingenuity, and intestinal fortitude are inspiring and your friendship is cherished.

To our partners in crime…

I’m so grateful for all the creative things that we’ve done together.  From designing living rooms and hosting workshops to designing windows and curating collections, your creativity has fed my soul.

To the amazing people with whom I have toiled at Red Barn Mercantile…

Boy, do I owe you a debt of gratitude.  Thank you for all your hard work, for your tired feet, for your camaraderie, and for your willingness to listen to Christmas music non-stop from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve.  You have created some of my favorite memories – like those of going to market and of throwing things in closets 30 minutes before our holiday unveiling so we don’t shatter the illusion that we know what we are doing.  I’m forever grateful to you all.

Finally, to my husband and my children…

It is to you that I owe my greatest thanks.  Thank you for making websites and sending emails at the last minute, for tagging along to flea markets and schlepping dirty old stuff, for trusting me when I said everything is all right and for supporting me when I said it wasn’t, and for spending countless hours at the store when you’d rather be at home doing something way more fun.  You, my sweet family, are the proverbial wind beneath my wings.  I love you infinity.

A Decade of Thanks

When I decided to open a retail store it was because I enjoy people and I enjoy helping them. Not everyone is made for the service industry, but I believe that I am.  Helping customers create a space where they can raise their families, entertain their friends, and have a safe place where they belong has been a true joy.  So, to my customers, old and new, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your home and thank you for helping me create mine.

No birthday would be complete without a party.  To celebrate this milestone we are having a weekend-long one.  On September 9th and 10th join us for discounts up to 30 percent off, party favors with your purchase, and cake.  Because every birthday should have cake.


  • The latest from Amy
Owner Amy Rutherford started Red Barn because she wanted to deliver a service — to provide both old and new in one place. No longer will busy shoppers be limited to reproductions or forced to shop multiple flea markets for the look or gifts they want. The trick in blending old and new, vintage and modern, classic and quirky, is balance. And Amy’s knack for mixing rustic antiques with urban chic has created a look that is both fresh and familiar.

Red Barn Mercantile opened its doors in September 2007 with a single vision in mind: providing old and new to offer our customers signature whole-room designs at great prices.

We’re more than a furniture boutique and provide more personalized service than a big box retailer. We work hard to bring you the highest quality furniture and gifts, the most unique conversation starters, wall hangings and accent pieces, whether they come from off-the-beaten-track flea markets, or the latest designers.


1117 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22314


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  1. Avatar Kathy Soule says:

    LOVE this! I have had the pleasure of working for Amy for the past 8 years, and it has been the most fun I’ve had in any job EVER. When Amy opened and I finally discovered RBM, I told Amy that this store was exactly what Old Town needed. Little did I know at the time that RBM would become my home away from home. I can’t imagine working anywhere else. Here’s to the next 10 years for RBM and to the best boss ever!

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