A Phone Phenomenon

The other night, I attended a documentary showing with a friend. Toward the end of the evening, my friend remarked how quickly I am on my phone. It comes with the territory. Much of what I do is social media marketing and so I am constantly taking photos, editing them, scheduling them, and posting them…all on my phone. The one thing I have not yet mastered is the selfie. I know all the right angles and which is the more photogenic side of my face, but my hands are simply too small to comfortably take a selfie on my iPhone 6s Plus.

Enter the PopSocket.

A customer came in on a Saturday and we got to chatting. She mentioned she’d been seeing celebrities with a knob on the back of their phones to make selfie-taking easier. I was intrigued and a few simple Google searches later, I discovered the PopSocket. To say it is life-changing is not an exaggeration. It’s an expanding piece of magic for your phone.

The PopSocket improves selfie-taking; can be used for video chatting, a tablet grip, a cord wrap, or a stand; and facilitates texting. I drop my phone all the time because my freakishly small hands can’t get a good grip on it. The PopSocket lays flat when you aren’t using it, and simply “pops” up when you do.

They come in every color and graphic imaginable, although I am partial to the Unicat. At only $10, they make great gifts and I’m going to ensure all my friends’ lives are improved with their very own PopSocket!

Having the right accessories for your phone is important when you use it as much as I do. So, in addition to the PopSocket, I’ve recently purchased a few cases by The Casery. In addition to their fun and modern motifs, the company uses the highest quality materials and creates the thinnest profile phone cases possible that still protect your phone from drops and scratches. The Casery cases fit perfectly in everyone’s purse or pocket.

Whether you’re looking to up your phone accessory game, you need to protect your phone from drops, or you are looking for a fun gift and don’t know what to get, a PopSocket/The Casery combo is the answer. Find it all at The Shoe Hive and The Hive!

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