a rule meant to be broken

Is it okay to wear white after Labor Day you ask? While our mothers may have told us eons ago that wearing white after the holiday was a huge style snafu, things have certainly changed since then. White is a huge part of the color palette in our store, so you will find us wearing this color year round. We do, however, understand that many people feel hesitant about wearing their favorite summer whites into the fall and winter. Still, some rules are just meant to be broken and this is one of them.


Septembers in Alexandria hardly feel fall-like. Temperatures are still hotter than ever and most of us don’t really transition our full wardrobes over to fall until early October. So why should we stop wearing our summer pieces, just because of an old wives’ tale? The answer is you shouldn’t! The trick is to slowly add in your weather appropriate fall items as we transition into cooler weather, that way you feel comfortable and ready for whatever the weather will throw at you.


Even in the dead of winter the most fashion forward individuals wear white wools, cashmeres and denim and they always look super chic while doing so. It just seems that these whites get a name change when the weather cools down, that is when “winter whites” become appropriate to wear. So having a few staple white pieces on hand that you can transition from season to season will keep you looking chic all year round.

White looks chic year round, so make sure that you pair your white pieces with seasonal items that will help transition your look into the next season. Try wearing a heather gray open weave sweater or a camel colored cashmere wrap, both items that will make your white jeans pop and keep you on trend as the seasons change. The true takeaway should be to wear what is appropriate for the weather, the season and the occasion. If you have all of those things in mind, then you shouldn’t have a doubt in your mind that what you have on is appropriate for the time of year.


Wearing white after the holiday may seem like a risk, but it’s one we encourage you to take.



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