A Time to Gather Around the Table

With all the massive trips to the grocery stores and far less access to our favorite restaurants I’m finding a lot of the people in my life are turning to food, not just in panic, but also in getting creative in the kitchen, baking as a form of therapy, and love for their bodies and families. Food is my family’s love language. I know other’s that show their love and care in the same way. So as you utilize your massive haul from the grocery store, and when you’re not supporting your favorite local restaurants via delivery and carry out, please enjoy some of our favorite recipes. From our Shoe Hive and Hive families to yours, stay safe and healthy and enjoy these recipes full of love for all of you!


Penelope – DIY Champion

I’m gluten free and for those that aren’t plagued with this unfortunate dietary restriction you may not realize it’s really hard to find certain things that are fresh and also gluten free. Meatballs are one of those things. So I started making them myself and was absolutely shocked by how easy it is! The best part about this recipe is you can doctor it up however you like! Lets just say they have been a huge hit for my friends and family.



Sheila – Our Camping Queen

Our family loves to go camping. As a family, we prepare simple meals consisting of a grilled meat or fish, fresh vegetables, sometimes a pot of beans, chili or soup, and roasted marshmallows for dessert obviously.  It is a team effort building the fire, seasoning the meat, prepping the veggies, and Clete (my husband) grilling. It’s a beautifully simple time connecting as a family, enjoying the evening sounds of nature, and unplugging from the day to day noise. Over the last couple of weeks, we have organically fallen back into our camping routine. After school and professional work are done, we find a way to safely spend time outdoors moving our bodies, and then hunker down in our backyard and prepare dinner over our fire pit or in the big Green Egg. I will forever be grateful for this forced slow-down and quality time we are getting to spend together as a family, working collectively to create our evening meal, and enjoy a brief respite from the world around us.



Madeline – The Italian 

Eggplant and cheese are probably my two favorite foods. Why not combine them? Helllllo comfort food!!



Angelica – Ms. Midwest

Well, I don’t cook…. but I have an easy treat recipe to give you. Everyone tells me it’s a “Midwest” thing, ha! They are called Scotch-a-Roos. It’s basically, all sugar!



Lacey – Ms. Missing Going to Chipotle 

I’ve been craving going to a Mexican restaurant lately and yet not able to really leave the apartment. I decided to figure out a way to bring my favorite Mexican/Tex-Mex flavors to me!



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