Alexandria & Company

A Philosophy of Enduring Craftsmanship

To the team at Alx&Co., fine jewelry and silver should be made to last more than just a single season. They create wearable and usable art and educate their clients on how to maintain family (and future) heirlooms into the next generation. Their full-service jewelers can repair a basic jump ring or bring your custom engagement ring design to life and they will do it with the precision and care that only an experienced small business can provide. As silversmiths, the team is recognized as the premier resource for full-service silver hollowware restoration and design, and their clients know them as the only place to bring their priceless family heirlooms for the care and attention that they deserve.

The Alx&Co. Experience

Knowledgeable. Patient. Listens. Careful. The best.
Ask their clients why they have trusted the team at Alx&Co. and you’ll probably hear a mix of these descriptions. If you are considering buying or designing an engagement ring, you can expect to find a welcoming, unpretentious environment where you can comfortably learn about buying a stone, look at vintage engagement rings, or chat about a custom design. There is no insistence upon old-fashioned conceptions of what your ring “should” be; rather, you’ll find knowledgeable resources on the specifics you care about, and the craftsmanship and experience to back it up. If you are in need of repair or restoration services, the team will walk you through the work and take the time to carefully review each item so that its final result is exactly what you expected.

A Modern Take on Fine Craft

Alx&Co. is introducing new generations to a craft that has been developing over centuries. With the hands-on knowledge to back them up, they are creating new objects of art using 3-D CAD technology and online commerce capacity. Still, they know (and love) that at its core, their trade is based in the busy, messy workshop they call home. Teeming with torches, hammers, polishing wheels, rouge, and files, the craftsmen (and women) of Alx&Co. get their hands dirty on a daily basis. It’s this hands-on approach that lends the shop its decidedly anti-chainstore feel. Visit them during their walk-in hours or make an appointment, and you’ll see what true craft is all about.

Alexandria & Company
121-B South Royal Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314 | | 703-548-0659 |

Design Studio Walk-In Hours (all jewelry services)
Wednesday – Saturday 12-6pm

Silver Workshop Walk-In Hours (all silver repair and restoration services)
Wednesday or Friday 12-6pm, or by appointment.

Appointments encouraged for custom design.

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