Rosana Vollmerhausen, Founder of DC Style Factory in Alexandria, VA helping a customer

DC Style Factory, founded by Rosana Vollmerhausen, is a team of Washington, D.C.-based personal stylists for men and women. The group's stylists help individuals discover, refine and enhance their personal style – regardless of size, age or budget.

With a combined 30-plus years' experience in style and fashion, DC Style Factory's wardrobe professionals offers expertise to plus-size, petite, tall clients and more. DC Style Factory stylists have worked with high-profile experts who need polish for television appearances, attorneys, CEOs, stay-at-home moms juggling carpool, young professionals taking the next step in their careers and much more.

The goal is to prepare them to look and feel their best for all the events in their lives — no matter how big or small.

The message you send through your personal style matters. DC Style Factory style pros decode this for you. It’s about who you are and how that translates into what you wear.

For more information and estimates on services with a DC Style Factory personal stylist, email or call 301.793.1075.

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