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Laura Hooper Calligraphy Workshops in Alexandria, VA


Make life flourish with the art of modern calligraphy


Looking to learn the art of modern pointed-pen calligraphy? Laura Hooper Calligraphy has got you covered with both in-person workshops {right here in Old Town Alexandria!} as well as a starter kit plus video tutorial for at-home learning. Our online calligraphy shop is fully curated with the supplies we use daily that we know will work well together. 

In addition to teaching and sharing calligraphy with students around the world, sisters Laura Hooper & Alyssa Law also serve wedding clients with custom stationery design and production as well as handwritten calligraphy services for envelopes, escort cards, place cards and more.


Handwritten Calligraphy Services in Alexandria, VA


109 N Fairfax St.
Alexandria 22314
{by appointment only}

Photo Credit: Anne Kim Photography


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