Red Barn Mercantile

Red Barn Mercantile opened its doors in September 2007 with a single vision in mind: providing old and new to offer our customers signature whole-room designs at great prices.

We're more than a furniture boutique and provide more personalized service than a big box retailer. We work hard to bring you the highest quality furniture and gifts, the most unique conversation starters, wall hangings and accent pieces, whether they come from off-the-beaten-track flea markets, or the latest designers.

The Red Barn Experience

As soon as you enter Red Barn Mercantile, you're welcomed by the mild scents of bath soaps and leather, candles and wood. Laughter blends with jazz as shoppers smooth the fabrics, gaze at the glassware, and flip through books with their children.

Sure, there are bigger retailers in the Washington, D.C., area, but look below the veneer of "vintage" and you'll find the same mass-produced pieces that are in a million other homes.

Owner Amy Rutherford started Red Barn because she wanted to deliver a service -- to provide both old and new in one place. No longer will busy shoppers be limited to reproductions or forced to shop multiple flea markets for the look or gifts they want.

And if we don't have the one-of-a-kind piece you seek, we will add it to our shopping list and notify you when we find it. If you need design ideas, we're here to help. If you're working within a budget we will show you the options.

Putting it together

The trick in blending old and new, vintage and modern, classic and quirky, is balance. And Rutherford's knack for mixing rustic antiques with urban chic has created a look that is both fresh and familiar.

When Amy is not at Red Barn, she's scouring flea markets and sales for the next treasure for your home. But she also knows that you can't fill your whole house with antiques. It simply isn't practical, especially for adults who love the antique look, but who also love their pets and kids. And just how comfortable would you be sitting in a 200-year-old chair anyway?

No Louis XIV or Chippendale here, just great pieces with great stories to tell. We buy only quality-crafted furniture that has stood the test of time -- pieces that worked or played in a previous life and that are now ready to share their rich heritage with you.

We have also sought and found the finest collection of manufacturers of upholstered furniture, lighting, bedding, dinnerware, glassware, toys, gifts, and more. Blend that antique bed and armoire with vintage inspired bedding and lamps for a cozy retreat. Offset a pair of leather barrel chairs with a handcrafted 19th-Century workman's chest and you'll have a great seating area with practical storage space. Set your rustic farm table with diner-inspired dinnerware and top it off with a hurricane candle centerpiece for a relaxed one-of-a-kind setting.

Friends and family

That's what Red Barn is all about. One-of-a kind products; one-of-a-kind service. We are a family-run business run with families in mind. Alexandria is our home, so we consider you not only a customer, but also our neighbor and friend.

"To me, it really is about relationships," Rutherford says. "If I could get you to visit my store and you have a good experience, if you're helped by our staff, or we are able to spark one great idea, then I believe we've made a customer for life.

"I believe first impressions go a long way. I believe kindness is repaid with kindness. And I believe that if you enjoy our store, you will come back or recommend it to your friends and family. So you have my personal guaranty that we will work to make every first impression count. Stop by and see us."

1117 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 | 703.838.0355 | Mon-Thur 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Fri-Sat 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sun noon to 5 p.m

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