Pause and Acknowledge the People You Love

Valentine’s Day is a lovely time to celebrate the relationships you are most grateful for. It’s just another one of those days that encourages you to pause and acknowledge the people you love, whether it be a romantic love or the love you have for a friend or sibling. Yes, mushy cards and jewelry ads aren’t going anywhere. However, there has definitely been a modern takeover in which the emergence of Galentine’s Day has transformed a once previously romantic holiday into a celebration for everyone.

With that said, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite valentines, perfect for friends, children, or anyone who brings light into your life.

‘Tis definitely the season for Compliment Cards which can be framed and/or mailed to friends near and far. They come in a set of 12, each with a unique message of love, appreciation, and admiration. Little Notes are also always a winner. We have over a dozen designs available, and each pack comes in a set of 85! A darling gift as is, or you can fill them out and hide them in pockets, couch cushions, and all over the house to surprise your valentine(s) over and over again. 

We find the best gifts are often paired with a personal touch. Arrange flowers in a pretty vase, wrap a bottle of wine in a tea towel, or fill a heart-shaped dish with candies or a pair of earrings. That extra step is the cherry on top of an already sweet offering.

What we’re saying is, there is no wrong way to communicate love and appreciation. Just be sure to shower the people you love with love.


Available at Red Barn Mercantile


Romeo & Juliet Board Book, $9.99; John Derian Arrow Dish, $80; Compliment Cards, $25; Heart Lollipop, $4.50; I Love You Card, $6; XO Vase, $20; Grapefruit Mint Lotion, $26; Farmhouse Pottery Heart Dishes, $32-$52; Striped Tea Towel, $20; Little Notes, $16; Hair Clips, $14.



Valentine’s Day has always felt like a cheerful day to exchange notes and pass around sugar. That is because my birthday is on Valentine’s Day, so I grew up celebrating in a very non-romantic way. It was always a celebration with family and friends. For most children, that is the case. It’s an inclusive, playful day to show kindness and present cupcakes to those around you. So why in the world should that change?

Love should be celebrated no matter who it is between. Romantic or not, love keeps us moving and provides joy in what can sometimes be a pretty tough world. Use this day as an excuse to celebrate the relationships that make your life a bit easier, brighter, sillier, and more meaningful. 

There is nothing better than a handwritten note. You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again. We have valentine postcards and dozens of single valentines to choose from. Pick a card that speaks to your relationship and send it on its merry way. 



If you’re looking for gifts to accompany your love letters, we’ve pulled a sample of sweet, sassy, and sentimental offerings to choose from. 

This Heartell Press letterpress print communicates such a beautiful sentiment. A serene and simple love note to be displayed year round. And before I lose you anti-lovey dovies, let’s move on to a few pretty, yet practical gift ideas. A floral notepad, notebook, or keychain is a great, low maintenance alternative to actual flowers. Similarly, a Corkcicle, perhaps paired with a bottle of wine, is a surefire way to woo your valentines and galentines. 

Stickers, candy, popcorn, and puzzles! Never a bad idea. Just a sweet little something to brighten someone’s day. Puzzles are a fun, therapeutic, and incredibly satisfying indoor activity that can be done as a group or solo. Perfect for when it’s too chilly or rainy or annoying outside. Which brings us to one of our ultimate anti-valentines. For the people who really, really don’t want to give Valentine’s Day the time of day, this keychain. Romance is alive and well, thank you very much. Make sure your people feel seen. Sending hugs and kissy enamel pins to you and yours this Valentine’s Day.


Available at Penny Post

8×10 Right Here Print, $36; Lips Enamel Pin, $14; Floral Keychain, $20; Boatload of Love Postcards, $14; Dark Chocolate Cherry Popcorn, $12.50; LOVE Jigsaw Puzzles, $20; Rose Metallic Corkcicle, $40; Not Super Into Giving A Shit Key Tag, $15; Lick and Stick Heart Stickers, $8; Sour Smooches, $8, White Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain Pen, $27-$29; Deep Red Kaweco Fountain Pen, $85.


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