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I have known for a while that I wanted to partner with Alexandria Stylebook, so when the opportunity came about I jumped at the chance. It was much more difficult, however, to decide what to write about and how to convey my love for our city–a love that has only grown with my work in the local real estate market. After much thought, I was inspired to find a way to develop a sort of “theme song” representing the many wonderful things I tell potential buyers about living in Alexandria. I mentioned the idea to George Alberts, a fellow Alexandrian and graduate of TC Williams whom I had previously hired to do some video work for me. The stars aligned as he told me about his friend Sam Jones–a singer, songwriter and actor. Nearly overnight, the song had lyrics, a melody and the video production had started. Wait until you see what they came up with! I so enjoyed working with this young, creative and energetic team and I am very proud of the outcome. I hope you love the finished product as much as I do, and if you do, please share it!

The production of this video led me to create an AVA magnet. Perhaps you have seen them around. AVA proud!


If you would like a magnet of your own, pay a visit to one of the businesses in the video: Stomping Ground, Pizzaiolo, Ease Yoga Studio, Port City and Kiskadee! We are lucky to live in such a diverse and beautiful city–we should make it known!

Laurel Conger is the blogger behind popular local blog and serves the community as a real estate agent. Learn more about her business here.

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  1. absolutely OBSESSED. love this will definitely share. thank you for creating this to showcase what a wonderful area we are blessed to call home!

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