An Unexpected Anniversary

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When I started at Bellacara two years ago this month, I had no idea what I was getting into. Let me clarify: I had no idea how much this job would mean to me. The place I worked before this shop was…less than ideal. I woke up filled with dread every morning, I stopped drinking caffeine because my stress level was so high that the addition of any caffeine made me physically ill, and I cried myself to sleep most nights. When I started here, Angela can attest, I was like a dog that’s been rescued by a wonderful family — I didn’t know yet what to do with the kindness I was shown.

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Alexandria really holds some of the most wonderful, inspiring, kind people I’ve ever met, and it’s been my very great privilege to get to know so many of you. It really struck me recently, a couple weeks before the wedding, as I was counting down the days. All week, familiar, friendly, joyful faces were coming in, asking how many days until the nuptials, checking on how I was feeling, and eager to see the programs or a picture of my dress. One client even jumped up and down with me! Another made me a list of some of her favorite places to eat in our honeymoon spot. Still others brought thoughtful gifts or sent sweet cards in celebration. I am so thankful for this community of people who have gone from clients to friends. It’s such an incredible feeling to know that so many people are invested in the success of our brand new marriage.

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To our lovely clients who keep all of us here at the shop happy with jokes and stories and thoughtful visits to bring us coffee and wishes for a happy Saturday, thank you. Your kindness and loyalty are so appreciated. As we sat eating breakfast a few weeks ago, The Shoe Hive’s Christen told me how much she loves that when she wakes up in the morning, she looks forward to going to work. It really is such a blessing to come here every day and see all of you. Thank you.

All photos credit Lynell, Lizzie Photo.


  1. Susan G says:

    So sweet – Happy Bellacara Anniversary!

  2. Sandy Ahern says:

    Congrats Elizabeth on your anniversary and marriage!

  3. Pam Roberts says:

    So happy for the two of you !!! I can’t believe it’s been 2 years – I remember the first time we met and you did my makeup! You were the first and only makeup artist that thoroughly knows my taste and moods ! Congratulations!!!

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