The Angela & Elizabeth Fitness Show!

Fitness Show

It was super fun to hear from Elizabeth and Angela they wanted to “get back into fitness” after a summer break. At Fitness on the Run (FOR), we often hear about how summer breaks, holidays, and unforeseen circumstances like an ill family member, extraordinary work travel, or something kid- or parent-related can lead to missed workouts and the domino effect happens.

Fitness Show

Our passion is to help you understand that five 1-hour workouts per week are not sustainable. Life happens. Stuff gets in the way. While that schedule is something I aim for, it is a rare week when even I get them all in. That is why we teach our community to engage in movement EVERY day. Doesn’t mean you have to get to the spin studio, gym, or on the treadmill every day. It means you MOVE with purpose for exercise for at least 5 minutes a day — without rest.

Consistency is the key to a successful fitness program.

In that vein, when Angela and I started to talk about her goals, one was to develop a twice-a-week workout routine. I told her that is a wonderful goal and she will absolutely meet her body composition goals with it. Yet she just started back. So, first, where, I queried, was she going to give up two hours a week to add that two hours of training? Second, what if one didn’t happen? Then what does that do to your head and your confidence in your fitness program?

Fitness Show

Below were my guidelines for Angela – and Elizabeth – as she made this new promise to take care of herself FIRST:


1. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Nor will you feel hugely different in a few days. Embrace the journey and know it will totally pay off even if you adopt just one new, awesome, healthy habit. The most successful fitness programs are built on consistency and sustainability.


2. Decide on a new habit: brush your teeth / do dishes / on one leg, get up 15 minutes earlier than usual to do a straight-to-a-movement flow or walk or something for YOU non-electronic, that’s going to contribute to your new health and fitness plan.


3. View food and drink as fuel for your workouts. If it is fuel, it is GOOD for you and will help you build muscle and burn fat. If it is not, it is NOT. Period.


4. Aim for a minimum of seven hours of sleep nightly.


5. Move every day – be it stretch, flow, or walk – for at least five minutes.



  • The latest from Adrien

Adrien founded Fitness on the Run in 2004 out of her home. Today, “FOR” is home to more than 250 clients, 11 instructors, and hundreds of inspirational success stories. She is passionate about helping others view their fitness as a journey, not a quick fix.

Adrien’s recipe for success has evolved from a rigid training plan of a 4-5 workouts per week. Now, she believes the most important ingredient is making small changes for big results — even if its only five minutes a day. She works daily to help clients understand the three most vital component of a effective fitness program are consistency, sustainability, and fun.

Adrien believes we all benefit from being curious about our bodies and our health and that change is always within reach. She lives a clean lifestyle, insists on getting sufficient quality sleep, and finds ways to manage her stress, typically through dancing with her kids nightly.

Fitness on the Run is Fitness for Life. Combining a focus on strong bodies and strong minds with a robust wellness education program and unparalleled personalized attention, we provide fitness for health, longevity and functionality.

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