ask stylebook: am i ready for yoga teacher training?

Rachel: What kind of shape do I have to be in before starting teacher training?

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Michael Peterson, Director of Mind the Mat Teacher Training: Our requirement is that you have a consistent yoga practice (2-3 times weekly) for at least six months prior to teacher training. The style that you practice does not matter as long as it works for you.  We do not discriminate against any body type. Yoga is not about being in shape, it is about having a practice that brings you into a conscious relationship to yourself, your body, mind and spirit.

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The practice of yoga will look different for everyone.  For example, a very athletic, “in shape” person or a senior struggling with arthritis might both practice yoga for the purposes of coming into a more harmonious relationship to their bodies but their yoga practices will look very different.  At Mind the Mat we cherish that difference. During training we encourage each trainee to discover “their own yoga,” the yoga that works for them, and the yoga that they feel most passionate about teaching.  These two can be the same, or different.  For example, a teacher may love teaching prenatal yoga, but prefers to practice hot power yoga.  Our teacher training staff is there to support each trainee to find their voice, and their style.  There is a place in yoga (and at Mind the Mat) for everyone!

Check out more about Mind the Mat’s 200 hour teacher training program here!

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