ask stylebook: faded rugs?

Katie: Is there a way to prevent a rug from fading due to sun exposure?

Susie, Coco Blanca: Unfortunately there is not much you can do to avoid the fading of your rugs and carpets when placed in a naturally lit room. There are a few steps you can take to protect your floor coverings.

Placing them out of direct sunlight: Even if the sun can still reach it, your carpet or rug is safer in the center of the room as opposed to right next to the windows.

Closing your draperies: Even if you don’t like blocking the sun while you are home, closing the draperies while gone during the day, which are typically peak sun hours.


Using protective window treatments: It is very easy to find ultraviolet blocking window coatings, which can be unnoticeable if purchased in clear. The company I have personally used and recommend highly is General Solar Corporation based in Rockville, MD

Using carpet/rug protectors: Many stores sell fluorocarbon protectors, which need to be applied periodically and offer another layer of protection for your carpets and rugs.

These tricks will keep your carpets and rugs looking new for as long as possible, but what if it is already too late? If you’ve already noticed sun fading, there is no need to worry! One simple and safe way to bring the life back is a hot water and salt solution. First combine equal parts of hot water and salt and stir until salt dissolves. Next, vacuum the rug or carpet well, and then, dampen a cloth and apply the mixture. Let the carpet or rug dry and vacuum again to remove the salt. The salt brightens the faded fibers and guards against further discoloration.

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