Ask Stylebook: Do I need to protect my hair from the sun? And do I have options beyond wearing a hat?

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Yes and yes. Take a look at a child’s hair as it gets naturally highlighted during the summer months. So precious! However, the sun is doing that to your hair, too. If you don’t color your hair, that sounds all well and good, but if you’re spending a certain amount of money to enhance your color every four to six weeks, that money is going up in smoke. Or, more accurately, up in UV. The same way natural hair color gets bleached in the sunlight, artificially colored hair does, too.

Beyond that, think of sunshine lightening your hair as a sunburn on your hair. Sure, it may look a heck of a lot better than the telltale lobster-hued flush across your freckle zone, but it’s still damaging.  Thankfully, haircare lines are jumping on the sunscreen boat en masse, so there are protective options for your locks, too!

instant protect

If you heat style and also want sunscreen Living Proof Restore Instant Protection ($26) is a great option. This one protects your hair from styling tools, up to 450°, and defends against UV rays for up to 24 hours. It’s usable on wet or dry hair, and it won’t weigh down fine hair.

BB polish

If you’re mostly in it for the shine, but determine that some sun protection is a good thing, too, I recommend the Bumble and Bumble Color Minded UV Protective Polish ($28). This lightweight oil smooths flyaways and gives a dab of natural shine as it seals the cuticle. This one is made specifically to protect colored hair, but the UV and mild heat protectors will work just as well if you’re still rocking your natural color.


In the end, if you’d rather take advantage of the opportunity Summer gives us to wear hats for fashion instead of for warmth, pop on over to The Shoe Hive for something like this (super cute) Hat Attack Raffia Fedora ($112) and enjoy that sunshine!

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