ask stylebook: paint or wallpaper? (a reminder)

We’ve had several questions lately on the value of paint over wallpaper. Gayla actually addressed this question earlier this year, so we thought it might be worth reposting since it’s clearly been on your minds. But this time, let us know: which one do you prefer?

Reader: We are redoing our bedroom, and I really love the look of wallpaper. But I fear it’s too trendy and will be “out” in a matter of months. Should I give it a go or stick with a fresh coat of paint?


Elisabeth, Coco Blanca: There are many pros and cons to both wallpaper and paint. Depending on the function, style, and size of the space, both can be used together or separate! Wallpaper is a very durable option, as it can resist the everyday wear and tear of high-traffic areas. There are even some varieties that are “scrubbable!” For any space that feels too open or large, we suggest a wallpaper with an eye-catching pattern to create a more intimate atmosphere.

Paint is a simpler, yet still elegant, option for rooms that feel too confined. A fresh coat of light-colored paint will instantly create an airy and inviting room. We suggest a stain, eggshell, or a flat sheen finish for any interior spaces.

If you are still struggling for a decision, why not combine both paint and wallpaper? Paintable wallpaper is a balanced blend of surface pattern and versatility. Using neutral colors on paintable wallpaper is a great way to add gorgeous tonal texture to a room. Paintable wallpaper is offered at several home improvement stores such as Lowes, as well as at home improvement websites like Houzz. We suggest you check out this amazing Allen + Roth Paintable Wallpaper found at Lowes. Offered in both rolls and adhesive squares, you can decide to leave the textured wallpaper as is, or apply a customizable fresh coat of paint to it’s surface. It’s a win-win situation!

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