ask stylebook: what about beans?

Elizabeth: I know beans are not paleo, but I still eat them. So if you do, what is the difference between between canned and dry? Is it really worth the hassle of soaking?

Amy, Mind the Mat: No worries – beans are an amazing food! 😎

Background texture of assorted beans and legumes

In general, I always encourage people to cook from scratch so you can control the freshness and additives. That said, life gets busy, so it’s ok to buy can or boxed beans if needed. From a general nutrition perspective, they will contain mostly the same amount of fiber and protein. However, soaking your own beans will help the complex sugars break down & therefore will make them easier to digest (less intestinal gas). Canned beans will typically have more sodium and many times other additions such as sugar so be sure to look for organic low or no sodium options. Also, you always want to ensure that the cans are BPA-free. It has to say it on the can.

Hope this helps!

Amy Arnold, MS, CHES, HC, RYT200
Certified Health & Nutrition Coach
Certified Health Education Specialist
Certified Yoga Instructor at Mind the Mat

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