How to Stay Active and Stay Committed to Your Health During the Holidays

What feelings do the holidays bring up for you? For some, it’s stress and overwhelm – and maybe even a little sadness – while others look forward to decorating, gift wrapping, parties, and […]

Why Practicing Gratitude is Good for Your Health

Ah, it’s November. Leaves are changing color. The temperature is cooler. The Marine Corps Marathon is over. Children are starting to make Christmas lists. And, Thanksgiving is coming. With Thanksgiving approaching, this is […]

5 Reasons Self-Care Should Be Your Top Wellness Priority (Just Like Jane Fonda)

Imagine a friend sustained a serious cut requiring medical attention. Do you think you would tell them to “get over it” or to “shake it off?” Or, what if a friend was passed […]

How To Work Out from Anywhere With Online Training

Online training – where you take your trainer with you on the road or home – is one of the fastest growing segments of the $84B fitness industry. Travel, long work hours, or […]

Top 3 Successes of Concierge Members

Have you ever felt like you have tried everything and yet you still can’t seem to get the health, fitness, wellness – and really happiness – you want? A lot of the women […]
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Five Reasons Your Mindset Is Killing Your Fitness and Wellness

How we relate to food, money, relationships, and our bodies is based on a script that is filled with beliefs and thoughts we’ve developed over the course of our lives. We tell ourselves […]

How To Get and Stay Fit and Well

We all suspect weight gain is a natural thing during these perimenopause and menopause years. So how can you really get on top of it now – perhaps on the early side – […]

Wellness Tips From a Top Female Executive

Whether you’re a busy mom, business owner, or top female executive, there is no doubt that prioritizing health and wellness can be difficult. It’s easy to let self-care, exercise, sleep, and healthy nutrition […]

Street Style: Jennifer Poersch

In my job I call my “vocation”, I get to meet not only individuals interested in achieving a new level of health, wellness and fitness, I get to know them, their lives, their […]
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How Diet And Exercise Can Help Perimenopause And Menopause Symptoms

Before menopause, I used to be able to: eat the same amount and food choices as my 6’2” 210 pound husband, use chronic cardio to “erase” excessive alcohol and sugar, stay up late […]

Hormone Replacement Therapy: What It Really Is And Are You A Good Candidate?

This summer we started our journey into the variety of strategies for you to consider as you traverse perimenopause and menopause. Since most of you have or will experiment with natural methods first, […]

Is “Recovery Debt” Keeping You From Reaching Your Fitness Goals?

In our first part of the series, I uncovered the truth about how your body works and why it is possible you are working too hard to achieve your preferred fitness level. This […]

Change Is Good: The New Alexandria Wellness

Thank you so much for the overwhelming support for our big news last week. All of us at Alexandria Wellness and Fitness on the Run are grateful and appreciate your 15 years of support […]

Big News For Alexandria Wellness And Fitness on the Run

Some big news and big changes are coming to Alexandria Wellness and Fitness on the Run this September 15th. What’s happening? Alexandria Wellness is launching new programs at a new location and Fitness […]

Menopause Relief Is Possible. Here’s How.

Up until now, you may have felt like perimenopause and menopause were just annoyances to your lifestyle and that there was really nothing you could do about feeling…well miserable. You may have wanted […]

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