Summer Ready Workouts To Do Right Now

It’s June. You’re thinking you are not summer-ready for the pool, cocktail parties or simply summer fashion. Fitness on the Run is here to help with free summer ready workouts. All you need is a jump rope, a furniture glider, […]

Freedom Isn’t Free: Memorial Day Personal Stories

Fitness on the Run is honored to share our family with five retired and active duty members of the military. In honor of Memorial Day, below are their reflections on this special day. […]

Why Exercise? Brain Health + Happiness

Let’s admit it: exercise can be a total hassle. We need a different set of clothing. It takes time out of our over-charged, highly-tasked, precious day. We get sweaty, inconveniencing our wardrobe choices. […]

Meet Your Lats: Why the Latissimus Dorsi Need Some Love and Attention

When was the last time you saw a dude or gal in the gym that had a HUGE and overdeveloped chest, bulging biceps…and no back to speak of. While it is so rewarding to […]

How a Hard Charging DC Lobbyist Stays Fit: Investing in People and Having Fun

Those of us who are familiar with high-stakes corporate advocacy know how easy it is to lose yourself to the daily grind. Late nights. Travel. Always responsive to the needs of members and […]

Addicted to Distraction

Are parts of your life getting in the way of your wellness? Addiction is the relentless pull to a substance or an activity that becomes so compulsive it ultimately interferes with everyday life.  […]

You Can Take a Girl Out of Louisiana…

But you can’t take her Southern style, crawfish eating, fishin’ lovin’ and determination for fitness out of her! Meet Andre Crochet. It was October 2014 when I first saw Andre Crochet training with […]

How’s that (Fitness) New Year’s Resolution Working for You?

It is early April. It’s practically Tax Day! Never fear…it’s not too late. It’s not too late to make a change. Be courageous. Take a stand for your own health. I have an […]

are you exercising for weight loss?

I’ll give you the end of the story first: you cannot lose weight simply from exercise.   Ok, I said it.   Yes, and I own a gym! How can I possibly say […]

elizabeth lucchesi: beyond keeping up

I met Elizabeth Lucchesi about a year ago when she first joined Fitness on the Run. She has a way about herself that is infectious. From one small-business owner who takes business ownership […]

rope workouts 101

Vigorously undulating a rope with the arms has become a popular cardiovascular training choice in the fitness community for professional athletes down to those of us just training for life. Mixed Martial Arts […]

joan bondareff’s journey: “much more than fitness”

Joan Bondareff personifies the whole health continuum. While yes, she embraces her fitness as a non-negotiable, she regards it as one spoke in the wheel of wellness and health. Nutrition, sleep, and having […]

oh, baby! 3 moms-to-be dispel fitness myths and share their fit pregnancy stories

There is something in the water at Fitness on the Run (FOR). Not only do we have five women expecting babies, all five are expecting girls! We captured their journey for all to […]

start a crush on you: do 1 or more of these 3 things to burn fat and take care of you

Sunday is Valentine’s Day. If you are consider what you can do for your partner, friend, or colleague, please also consider what you can do for YOU! Embrace self-love. Start a crush on […]

fitness trends 2016: which is yours?

Now, why would we write about the trends ranked 6-10 when we already covered 1-5? Because we believe that moving will always win over not moving. Physical activity will always be better than […]

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