move of the week: lose five pounds

Stand tall. Ha, got cha. Actually, it’s true. Standing (or sitting) tall or using good posture can actually make you look 5 pounds leaner and your clothes from Alexandria Stylebook stores will look […]

ask stylebook: can cardio backfire?

Eliza: Last week you talked about how too much cardio can actually backfire. Can you explain a little more about why? Adrien, Fitness on the Run: I know it is hard to imagine […]

dynamic walk out

We all want a strong core. And we know it is essential to optimal health AND fitness and comfortable longevity. Depending on your age, the motivation changes or accumulates. Below is a movement […]

ask stylebook: tennis injury?

Caroline: I hurt my knee playing tennis. I’m so upset. Should I stop exercising until it feels better? Adrien, Fitness on the Run: First, after injury, we always recommend you consult with a […]

chronic cardio

Are you addicted to cardio? For most of you reading, you can remember the old way of getting fit: do 45 minutes to 1 hour of intense aerobic activity – and DAILY! Even […]

move of the week: no equipment workout

No equipment, no problem. Got 5 minutes? We’ve got you covered! Find a safe area (or some stretch of the beach!) and here you go: 1) Jog 50 steps. 2) Side shuffle 25 […]

ask stylebook: favorite foods?

Barbara: What would be your next few food choices? Loved your last post on avocados! Adrien, Fitness on the Run: We’ve received many follow up questions from our avocado post last week asking […]

aging beyond sixty-five with confidence

Let’s face it: you will likely make it past 65. In fact, this article is intended to reach those of you who already are. I often talk about how my co-owner Denise and […]

move of the week: the all-in-one “manmaker”

Never knew there was such a thing, right? Well, for those of us “crazies” in the fitness world, we love them*. Talk about a great heart rate raiser and strength-training tool all in […]

ask stylebook: the best food?

Rachel: If you had to choose one food we shouldn’t live without, what would it be? Adrien, Fitness on the Run: Living in a society where we have an abundance and a variety […]

honor. courage. commitment.

How Shawn Gray manages three careers, including fitness, and smiles all the way through. You want commitment? Meet Shawn Gray. Shawn Gray is one of our team of instructors at Fitness on the […]

summer fitness series: day four

Just like the plank, the deadlift mimics daily life and the way we move. Even better, it will create a consistent movement pattern that your brain will eventually learn to do naturally. You […]

summer fitness series: day two

We like the plank. We like even more the “hard style” plank. As a society addicted movement, this can be a challenge. Hold your body as instructed then stand in the same position. […]

move of the week: walking

It’s summer which means vacation time for many. You might not be able to get to the gym or your favorite class, but that’s ok. There is something you can always do. Walk. […]

ask stylebook: health monitors?

Kelsey: I’m thinking about buying the Apple watch or a fit band to help monitor my steps and food intake. Do you think they are really worth the hype and do they REALLY […]

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