the reward comes after the journey: promise!

Every once in a while, we come across people who just make us smile. That person is Erin Streeter. Not only is she a dedicated and loyal Fitness on the Run (FOR) client, […]

move of the week: throw away the scale

The most important body composition measure you need is to know is your waist circumference. The second is your body fat. Your scale will not tell you. Nor will it be able to […]

ask stylebook: how to use my core?

Kristen: You keep telling me to use my core effectively. How do I do that? Crunches? Mountain climbers? Adrien, Fitness on the Run: At Fitness on the Run, we have studied the core […]

cut to the “core” of it

Losing the belly fat comes from diet, not multiple high intensity workouts per week. You could have heard a pin drop. Our highly respected and very popular instructor Julio Barnett spoke at the […]

ask stylebook: getting in shape for summer?

Nikki: I want to get in shape for the summer. I’m tired of my “tire” and carrying extra weight. I’ve cleaned up my diet. What can I do in the gym to get […]

move of the week: complexes

Complexes are simply a series of movements (“exercises”) performed with a barbell, dumbbell(s), or kettlebell(s) or even no equipment at all where you finish each repetition of one movement before quickly moving onto […]

why go deep?

Why “go deep?” Why “slow down?” Are you “Chasing Pain?” Who hasn’t gone to the gym, been on a run, rode in a spin class and “cheated” through your movements and maybe even […]

move of the week: the five progressions of pull ups

We’ve gone through the five progressions of pull ups with you earlier this week (see them here). You can do them at the local park, your local YMCA, or at the “universal” at […]

ask stylebook: pull ups and chin ups?

Karen: Are Pull ups and Chin ups the same thing? What is the difference? Adrien, Fitness on the Run: Yes and no. Yes, because both of them use many muscles that will strengthen […]

the magic pill to reaching your fitness goals

Chin or Pull Ups: Do you want to do one? Or, does it seem like that is just one of those movements you can leave for the others at your gym? I know […]

move of the week: the glute bridge (one leg and two)

The glute bridge “awakens” your glutes. Your glutes support your hips and spine and can literally prevent back injury. How? By teaching your body to bear any weight from athletics or just movement […]

ask stylebook: how do i find the time?

Adele: I am swamped. I work full time. I care for my elderly parents. And I really want to feel better in my spring clothes. I simply can’t find the time. What do […]

fixing you before spring

Admit it: you have that pesky pain or irritation. For some, it inhibits any exercise, for others you “work through the pain.” It compromises your progress. Deep down, it’s heartbreaking. Or maybe you […]

move of the week: diaphragmatic breathing

Lie on your back with one hand on your chest and one hand on your belly below your rib cage. You can also do this while seated. However lying down is more relaxing […]

ask stylebook: breathing for stability?

Bethany: I read your blog post on Monday and learned that breathing is an important part of pelvic floor stability. I thought my pelvic floor were muscles, what does breathing have to do […]

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