street style: shiloh roehl

Photo Credit: Sarah Marcella Photography In our hectic “DC/Adrenal Fatigue/go-go” lives, we all know that one person who can just take the edge off our day. He or she, merely with their presence, […]

restaurant week: best bets for clean eats

Photo Credit: www.visitalexandria.com Get ready for Alexandria’s famous Restaurant Week! Beginning tomorrow and running through Sunday, February 7, more than 60 restaurants will offer a $35 three-course dinner or a $35 dinner for […]

fitness ambush! adrien pops in on elizabeth with something blue for the bride-to-be

Adrien saysElizabeth’s needs and wants are simple: she stands all day and wants a few exercises she can do to withstand the burden of being on her feet AND she is getting married […]

5 ways to burn fat: part 2

You may remember, I wrote a piece in November about 5 ways to burn fat. We heard from so many of you that we thought it is a great topic to continue to […]

fitness trends 2016: our take

Is your choice of exercise on the upswing? Does it really matter? Every year, the American College of Sports Medicine publishes its report “Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends.”  It ranks what exercise professionals predict we’ll […]

who really exercises?

The past 10 years have seen a continual gain in the popularity of fitness. Not only are more people exercising, more are becoming very fit. Think about fitness before Spin, Crossfit Games, Wearable […]

new year’s resolution: stop measuring yourself!

On a recent visit to see my dad in California, he asked me, “How much do you weigh?” I told him I really didn’t know. He asked me to approximate because he thought […]

move of the week: holiday workouts, part 2

These workouts can be done anywhere with or without equipment, which is why they are great for holiday travel. As you hit the road, coming or going, give these quick workouts a try. […]

video: no-excuses holiday workouts + get a free session at FOR!

The holiday stress is already upon us. The elf is on the shelf and Christmas tree sales are all over town. Planning your holiday getaway? Hosting family and friends in town? Either way, […]

best bets for eating better at the airport

We all know what we are supposed to do: pack healthy snacks, avoid airport food, drink loads of water, and do not drink alcohol. However, “the best laid plans” don’t always work out. […]

counting calories: a do or a don’t?

For many of us, counting calories was just a part of life. I have a dear friend who says she feels her best weight and physique is when she eats 900 calories per […]

take five minutes to change your life

Over the years, I have met a lot of people in my industry. Nutrition experts, coaches to the stars, sleep specialists, and even spoken with my share of psychologists about the recipe for […]

five ways to burn fat: part I

We all want to burn fat. Why not incorporate at least two of the following fat-burning activities into your daily routine? It may seem like I am oversimplifying this process. I am not. […]

pay it forward, get fitness in return

We want to tell you about an amazing place, one that’s very special to us at Fitness on the Run (FOR): Carpenter’s Shelter. It provides emergency shelter to families and single adults who […]

the weather outside is frightful…skip the workout?

Cold weather can affect many of us, particularly our fitness. Getting out of bed for your 2-mile run is painful. Layering athletic clothing is much less fun than layering your latest Kiskadee purchase. […]

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