learn your limits

The next time you are in a fitness class or on your morning run or teeing off the first tee, look around. You are surrounded by people who are made different than you. […]

move of the week: push the plate away (and enter to win a month of free meals)

We all try to eat healthy. In fact if you’re reading this post you are likely in that camp. Congrats. Up until this post, we have not showcased the delicious and nutritious food […]

ask stylebook: building strong young athletes

Melissa: I’m so happy with my current training and nutrition program. Finally at the age of 38 I can say I’m satisfied with my strength and my overall fitness. My concern is my […]

move of the week: sit correctly

Sit And stand… Then sit again… Then stand… Sound familiar? Well, it should! Because it is what we all do ALL DAY LONG. In the car. In the chair. On the Metro. In […]

ask stylebook: food before exercise?

Sarah: My trainer encourages me to have protein before our sessions, but if I eat too much before working out it makes me sick. What is the best practice and what should I […]

back to school with fitness on the run

It is hard to believe that summer is coming to an end. We at Fitness on the Run have a lot going on to prepare for the start of this new school year. […]

fall workshop at fitness on the run: get back into the “swing” of things

September is here. It’s time. You know it. I know it. It’s time to get back into gear. Get moving. Exercise. Set some goals. Make them real. We have written a lot about […]

ask stylebook: keeping nutrition in check?

Mary: I have read everything on nutrition. I’ve even taken classes and had several great nutritionists. But I can’t seem to get my nutrition in check. Do you have any advice on how […]

move of the week: on-the-go style

Some time ago, my friend Elizabeth Todd made it clear I needed to up my game when it came to my gym gear. After all, she said, I was a business owner who […]

ask stylebook: redefining fitness?

Alexis: I have a full time job. I leave for work at 6am and when I return I am exhausted and have no motivation to exercise. All I want is to put my […]

what this gym owner “does” on vacation

Every summer, our family spends time in my old “digs” in Southern California. Since my father moved to San Diego several years ago, we spend our summer vacation there. This year, his 80th […]

move of the week: lose five pounds

Stand tall. Ha, got cha. Actually, it’s true. Standing (or sitting) tall or using good posture can actually make you look 5 pounds leaner and your clothes from Alexandria Stylebook stores will look […]

ask stylebook: can cardio backfire?

Eliza: Last week you talked about how too much cardio can actually backfire. Can you explain a little more about why? Adrien, Fitness on the Run: I know it is hard to imagine […]

dynamic walk out

We all want a strong core. And we know it is essential to optimal health AND fitness and comfortable longevity. Depending on your age, the motivation changes or accumulates. Below is a movement […]

ask stylebook: tennis injury?

Caroline: I hurt my knee playing tennis. I’m so upset. Should I stop exercising until it feels better? Adrien, Fitness on the Run: First, after injury, we always recommend you consult with a […]

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