ask stylebook: how do i find the time?

Adele: I am swamped. I work full time. I care for my elderly parents. And I really want to feel better in my spring clothes. I simply can’t find the time. What do […]

fixing you before spring

Admit it: you have that pesky pain or irritation. For some, it inhibits any exercise, for others you “work through the pain.” It compromises your progress. Deep down, it’s heartbreaking. Or maybe you […]

move of the week: diaphragmatic breathing

Lie on your back with one hand on your chest and one hand on your belly below your rib cage. You can also do this while seated. However lying down is more relaxing […]

ask stylebook: breathing for stability?

Bethany: I read your blog post on Monday and learned that breathing is an important part of pelvic floor stability. I thought my pelvic floor were muscles, what does breathing have to do […]

move better, get strong.

Imagine not being able to run, sneeze, cough, jump rope, or jump of any kind without potential embarrassment. Well, we can tell you all about it. And we will tell you why this […]

move of the week: the handstand

Why learn handstands? And why are they so hard? The handstand requires discipline, coordination, balance, special awareness and strength – and a little bit of grit. If one is missing, it is nearly […]

ask stylebook: at the gym?

Jessie: I love to go the gym with my friends. I find the motivation and accountability from their company. What do you recommend we do when we are there? We have about 1 […]

prepping for spring

As crazy as it seems, with all of the snow and 20-degree weather, it is time to get ready for spring. Yes, it’s true. Just look at some of the beautiful clothes and […]

move of the week: shoveling snow

We know more is coming. It’s just a matter of time, right? Snow. In the coming weeks, some of us may need to grab the snow shovel and get moving. I know it’s […]

ask stylebook: where do i start?

Alyson: I saw the picture of myself from a holiday party and can’t stand how my arms look. I haven’t worked out in 10 years. I am so intimidated to start. What is […]

why is change so hard? alexa’s story.

If your goal is to lose weight, you know the added pounds didn’t come overnight. It took months and more likely years of ups and downs on the scale. Not only will it […]

move of the week: make a plan

The holidays are solidly behind us. But we have not quite finished looking ahead and planning the year. Vacations, work events, and family celebrations all get carefully planned. When you host a party, […]

ask stylebook: tighter abs?

Renee: How can I work my abs more so I fit better in my clothes? Adrien, Fitness on the Run: Before I get into the details of why and how you should work […]

your new year’s promise: are you training or exercising?

The new year provides us with an opportunity to evaluate our health and make a fitness plan or give ourselves a fitness challenge. Why not? You may want to lose 10 pounds, feel […]

class and style found at fitness on the run

Fitness on the Run sure raised the level of style by training Alexandria Stylebook’s very own founders! Darby, Susie, Alicia and Angela exude class and style. And oh yes, we had lots of […]

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